GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP – Stockton University is seeking volunteers between 35 and 64 years of age to participate in a research project on brain health at Stockton University’s Galloway campus, 101 Vera King Farris Drive.

This research experiment is designed to explore the role of different lifestyle factors in protecting brain health and cognitive function as people transition from middle age into older adulthood.

The research project is being directed by Associate Professor of Psychology Jessica Fleck. Dr. Fleck, who has been a member of Stockton’s psychology program since 2006.

The National Institute on Aging suggests that changes in the physical brain may occur a decade or more before cognitive functioning is affected. Early detection of changes in the physical brain is a key to longterm health and vitality.

The goal of this experiment is to learn more about the physiological changes in the brain that occur during aging and how lifestyle choices serve to protect the brain. The study is comprised of two one-hour sessions at the Galloway campus.

In the first session, participants will have their brain activity recorded with a brain imaging device called an EEG. This noninvasive device measures electrical activity from the brain using sensors that sit on top of the scalp. Psychological assessments of memory and thinking will be administered in a second session. Participants who score outside the normal range for their age will be provided with referrals for further neurological assessment.

Participants must be between 35-64 years of age, have had no diagnosis of dementia, neurological disorder, or traumatic brain injury, and have not experienced more than one concussion. The study is seeking male and female participants of all races and ethnicities to provide a broad representation of the population. Participants who are left-handed are also sought since they are typically underrepresented in research on brain health.

To learn more, contact Dr. Jessica Fleck and the Brain Research Team at 609-626-3444 or Interested community members can also register for the project through the research website at

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