VENTNOR – Faculty and staff from Stockton University will share their expertise on happiness, Stockton’s archives, “songs of the sea” and the university’s plans in Atlantic City at the annual 21st annual Salute to Stockton summer lecture series at Shirat Hayam Synagogue at 700 N. Swarthmore Ave.

Rabbi Gordon Geller said the talks are a highlight of the summer for the congregation and the community.

“The topics are both informative and entertaining,” Rabbi Geller said.

All lectures are open to the public and held at 7 p.m. Fridays as part of the Sabbath services. Each program includes a question and answer session.

The schedule is:

  • June 22:  Haley Baum, assistant dean of students, will provide a virtual tour of the new Atlantic City campus, which opens in September. She will discuss how Stockton plans to partner with the community as more than 500 students move into new student housing and classes begin at the new Academic Center.
  • July 20: Heather Perez, Stockton Special Collections librarian and university archivist, will discuss some of the fascinating material and collections stored in the Richard E. Bjork Library Special Collections, which are open to the general public.
  • Aug 3:  Assistant Professor of Sociology Jessie K. Finch, who is teaching a course Perspectives on Happiness, will discuss why and how social scientists study happiness. She will dispel some common myths about happiness and explore happiness across the sexes, racial and ethnic groups, life spans, religions and around the world. The lecture will look at happiness from various academic perspectives but also includes practical applications to improve well being in our daily lives and in our communities.
  • Aug. 17: Professor of Music Beverly Vaughn and Jenny Wagner will present “Songs of the Sea.” The presentation will focus on the importance and significance that songs and music about water have played in the life, struggles, and courageous aspirations of a people and how they continue to inspire and motivate mankind to dream, work together and overcome adversity by serving as a binding force in building brotherhood.


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