Canadian Forces Snowbirds will perform in ‘Thunder over the Boardwalk’ Atlantic City Airshow, Wednesday, Aug. 22.

Canadian Forces Snowbirds and U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds to perform

ATLANTIC CITY – Now celebrating its 16th year, the Atlantic City Airshow will return to the skies above the free beaches and World Famous Atlantic City Boardwalk Wednesday, Aug. 22. GEICO will return as the presenting sponsor, Greater Atlantic City Chamber President Joe Kelly said in a press release.

“We are excited to welcome back the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, and GEICO to participate in Atlantic City’s signature summer event,” Kelly said. “This year’s show will also include an appearance by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, which is a great addition to our lineup and makes the Atlantic City Airshow an international event.”

The USAF Air Demonstration Squadron Thunderbirds will perform aerial demonstrations in the F-16C Fighting Falcon with diamond and solo maneuvers performed with accuracy and precision.

Officially known as the Canadian Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron, the Snowbirds is Canada’s military flight demonstration team whose purpose is to demonstrate the skill, professionalism, and teamwork of Canadian Forces personnel, the press release stated.

The show team flies 11 CT-114 Tutors – nine for aerobatic performances, including two solo aircraft, and two as spares flown by team coordinators.

The U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, the GEICO Skytypers and Jim Beasley Jr.’s P51D Mustang demonstration returns to the 2018 lineup. Additional performers include Lee Leets in the Shorts Tucano, Paul Dougherty in the Eagle Aerobatic Bi-Plane, Mike Wiskus in the LUCAS OIL Pitts S2C, and numerous military and civilian flybys. Most of the performers will take off and land at the Atlantic City International Airport, which serves as the host airport for the airshow.

“The CRDA is pleased to support the Atlantic City Airshow, one of the region’s largest events,” said CRDA Executive Director Matt Doherty. “This event attracts spectators to our destination during the midweek and showcases Atlantic City’s great amenities to hundreds of thousands of visitors. Events like this are key components in our efforts to increase tourism in Atlantic City.”

The Atlantic City Airshow is a community partnership with the Greater Atlantic City Chamber,  Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, City of Atlantic City, 177th Fighter Wing of the N.J. Air National Guard, South Jersey Transportation Authority, FAA William J. Hughes Tech Center, Atlantic City International Airport, David Schultz Airshows, LLC and many others. The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa is the host hotel for the event.

Sponsorship packages are still available. Those interested in becoming a sponsor should contact Michael Chait at 609-345-4524, ext. 102.

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2018 Atlantic City Airshow Schedule*

11:35 a.m. Army Golden Knights Streamer Drop

12 p.m. Canadian and U.S. National Anthems with flag Jumps by Golden Knights

12:08 p.m. Army Golden Knights Mass Exit Demonstration

12:14 p.m. NJ-ANG F-16 4-ship Flyby

12:16 p.m. NJ-ANG KC-135 Flyby

12:18 p.m. 305th AMW C-17 Flyby

12:20 p.m. 305th AMW KC-10 Flyby

12:22 p.m. NJ-ANG Composite Flyby (KC-135 & 2 F-16s)

12:24 p.m. Jim Beasley Jr. SNJ-5 Aerobatics

12:34 p.m. Paul Dougherty Christian Eagle Aerobatics

12:48 p.m. 436th AMW C-17 Flyby

12:50 p.m. FAA William J Hughes Global 5000 Flyby

12:52p.m. Medical Helo and Chopper 6 Flybys

1 p.m. Canadian Forces Snowbirds

1:40 p.m. Lee Leets Tucano Demonstration

1:54 p.m. NJ State Police Flyby

1:56 p.m. 166th AW C-130 Flyby

1:58 p.m. VT-9 T-45C Goshawk Flyby (2-ship)

2:02 p.m. HM-15 MH-53J SeaDragon Flyby

2:05 p.m. GEICO Skytypers

2:20 p.m. Miss GEICO Speedboat Race with Skytypers

2:26 p.m. Jim Beasley Jr. P-51 Mustang Demo

2:38 p.m. NJ-ArNG/ANG UH-60 Demo & SPIES/FRIES Demo

2:43 p.m. Mike Wiskus Pitts Aerobatics

2:58 p.m. USAF Thunderbirds Enlistment Ceremony

3:05 p.m. USAF Thunderbirds

*Airshow schedule subject to change.

Nanette LoBiondo Galloway

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