Property owners in the Downbeach area are being advised by local officials to avoid costly repairs by properly winterizing their homes for the season. Each year, local emergency service workers are called by neighbors to report that water pipes have broken and flooding has occurred.

According to officials, repairs are often expensive and a terrible inconvenience that can be avoided with a little advance planning and care.

Out of town homeowners should provide their local police departments with contact information in the event of an emergency.

If it is a summer home, be sure to have water pipes drained and winterized to prevent any water line breaks during freezing temperatures.

If you visit your summer home on weekends, be sure to have thermostats set at a minimum of 65 degrees to prevent pipes from freezing in the house.

Homeowners should turn off any outside water sources and remove hoses during the winter. Any pipes exposed to the elements should be drained and wrapped with insulation to prevent freezing.

Fire officials also recommend that you replace the batteries in smoke and CO detectors before you leave for the winter.

For more information, call your local police or fire department.


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