From left, John Amodeo, Michael Becker and Maury Blumberg

MARGATE – Incumbent Commissioners Michael Becker, John Amodeo and Maury Blumberg announced Wednesday, Dec. 5 their plan to run as a team in the May 2019 Board of Commissioners election.

Becker, who is seeking his fourth term in office, and Amodeo, his second, will be joined by incumbent Commissioner Maury Blumberg, a one-time opponent.

Becker and Amodeo ran in the 2015 election on a joint ticket with then-Commissioner Brenda Taube, while Blumberg, who was first elected to the commission in 2007, mounted an independent campaign. Taube was defeated by 130 votes.

As a three-person, non-partisan commission, they have shown a willingness to work together and seek common ground, according to a release.

“Over the past three years Maury, John and I have worked well together, because we have a unified purpose and a shared goal – to develop and support policies that make a positive impact and protect our quality of life,” Becker said. “While our previous political campaigns provoked spirited debate, once the campaigns were over, we worked to advance a unified agenda that would serve the best interests of the city.”

A quick glance at thier voting record shows that Becker, Amodeo and Blumberg  agree on the majority of positions and rarely split votes.

“Political campaigns may be adversarial in nature, but once they’re over, we moved forward and work together to set an agenda that includes our different viewpoints and goals, and we take a cohesive and comprehensive approach to accomplish them,” Blumberg said.

The team has a broad range of experience and “shares a track record of success and trusted leadership,” the release stated.

“Keeping Margate affordable is not easy in a state that has the highest property taxes in the nation,” Amodeo said. “But while other municipalities see their property values decline, the value of our homes continues to increase. Our goal is to protect your investment in your home and your quality of life.”

Amodeo boasted Margate’s “excellent” public schools, “first-rate” recreational facilities, clean beaches and wide variety of businesses.

“Our municipal services are also regarded as the finest anywhere, and we have awards to prove it,” he said.

With a positive financial outlook for 2019, the team feels the city is on the right path, the release stated.

“All three of us are passionate about Margate,” Becker said. “I think a good majority of people will agree that in this era of divisiveness, a unified team is just what our city needs.

Candidates have until early March to file nominating petitions to run in the May 14, 2019 non-partisan election.

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