From left, Margate teachers Tracy Magel, Rosemarie Barbera, Ross School Principal Ryan Gaskill, Interim Superintendent Thomas Baruffi and Board of Education President Catherine Horn.

MARGATE – The Board of Education Wednesday, Jan. 9 honored retiring performing arts and music teacher Rosemarie Barbera, who taught children at the William H. Ross Elementary School for more than 19 years.

Barbera interacted well with the students, taking them to area radio shows to sing, Ross Principal Ryan Gaskill said.

“We have an amazing arts program here in Margate and it all begins with Ms. Barbera at Ross School and carries on to Tighe,” Gaskill said.

Spanish teacher Tracy Magel said Barbera was her “go to” person for whatever was needed.

“She is an amazing person. I’m going to miss having that go to person when I am stressed out,” Magel said. “The children are going to miss her fun personality. You could see she loved what she did.”

Interim Superintendent Thomas Baruffi presented Barbera with a plaque of appreciation.

Board member James Swift thanked her for her passion and dedication.

“You helped developed them, you gave them culture, music and a lot of laughs. As a parent, I saw what you did, and I’m am very appreciative,” Swift said.

“It’s been a wonderful and successful time and I’m going to miss everyone,” Barbera said.

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