Members of the Ventnor City Beach Patrol help out at National Night Out.

VENTNOR – Members of the Beach Patrol have a new four-year contract. At its last meeting of 2018, the Board of Commissioners approved a new salary guide for lifeguards and officers.

The commissioners authorized a one-year salary guide last January, but after collective bargaining, the new ordinance outlines hourly rates for lifeguards based on years of service through 2020. There is one less step in the new contract.

Lifeguards with 1-3 years of experience will earn $12.75 per hour in 2019 and increase to $13 in 2022. Lifeguards with four years of service will earn $14.28 in 2019 and $14.71 in 2020. Rates increase incrementally based on years of service to $21.50 for a lifeguard with 18 years or more of service to $22.16 per hour in 2020. Instructors, lieutenants, senior lieutenants, captains and chiefs will have similar increases over the next four years. Hourly rates for instructors will increase from $23 this year to $23.70 in 2020; lieutenants will go from $24.88 this year to $25.62 in year 2020; senior lieutenants from $25.50 this year to $26.28 in 2020; captains $31.93 this year to $32.90 in 2020; and the chief will earn $38.60 per hour this year and $38.74 in 2020.

The ordinance also provides certified EMTs with an additional stipend of $400 for the season if the employee works a minimum of 45 days during the season. The rate is reduced to $3 per day for EMTs who work less than 45 days during the season.

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