MARGATE – Students at the Eugene A. Tighe Middle School rolled out the red carpet for their classmates on Valentine’s Day. It was the 10th annual Formal Day held at the school on Thursday, Feb. 14.

Students wore their best outfits, including satin and sequins for the girls and suits and ties for the boys.

Morgan Murphy was one of the fanciest dressers in a white handkerchief skirted T-strap dress that she wore for her bat mitzvah. Ellie Taube and Lexi Gormley wore their Doc Martins to add just the right combat boot look to their formal wear.

Christian Hornig-Fineran wore a very special bowler to top off his classic look.

“This is Skinny D’Amato’s hat,” he said. “I think my grandmother bought it at a yard sale held at his house.”

It was the second year sixth grader Herc Stewart dressed up for Formal Day.

“When you dress up you pay more attention and are better behaved,” he said.

It was the very first time fifth grader Jeremiah Paduani experienced Formal Day.

“It’s cool because they don’t do this any other day,” he said.

Teacher Sherry Scott agreed with the students’ take on Formal Day behavior.

Scott said the Formal Day event is usually held during February when Hollywood rolls out the red carpet for various awards shows, including the Grammys and Oscars.

“This year, we decided to hold it on Valentine’s Day,” she said. “Kids love it. It’s funny, but they are better behaved in class when they dress up. Today, they dressed to impress.”

Students were advised to rummage through their closets to find a dressy outfit they already own.

Seventh grader Justin Gooden attended for the third year.

“Last year, I didn’t dress up because I didn’t have anything to wear,” he said. “But this year, I fit into my brother’s stuff.”

He said dressing up and taking pictures with your friends “gives you a good feeling.”

“It makes you feel mature to dress up and look nice,” he said.

Teachers strolled the lunch room to vote for the top three best dressed in each grade level. Winners were announced during an assembly at the end of the day.

The assembly included red carpet trivia and the announcement of the winner of the “Pennies for Patients” contest. Students stuffed canisters with photos of their teachers. At last glance, teachers Carley Cross and Lou Sanchez had the most money in their canisters.

Winners are:

Overall Best Dressed – Teddy Leeds (8th) and Starla Geese (7th)

Best Dressed 5th Grade – Sebastian Gamburg and Melena Rush

Best Dressed 6th grade – Gavin Tomaselli and Lily Towbin

Best Dressed 7th Grade – Vincent Piraino and Liza Martino

Best Dressed 8th Grade – Gavin Grant and Bryan Swift

Tighe School student organizers.