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City moves forward with bulkhead replacement

Margate City is moving forward with replacing the city-owned bulkhead along Amherst Avenue. According to city Solicitor John Scott Abbott, the engineering firm hired to design the bulkhead is in the process of applying for a permit from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection for the remaining strip of bulkhead along Amherst Avenue.

Property owner Maggie Day, who plans to operate an inflatable water park at her property, has authorized the city to include her bulkhead in the application. Day is still required to obtain Planning Board approval for her project. The agreement does not bind the city to approve her project, Abbott said.

In a previous agreement, the owner of Lamberti’s Sunset Marina and Restaurant agreed to replace the city-owned bulkhead along the property at his own cost in exchange for obtaining ownership of the restaurant, which was previously leased from the city. Lamberti will also provide 24 public parking spaces at his privately-owned lot on Monroe Avenue during daytime hours.

Sustainable Margate updates commissioners on green team activities

Sustainable Margate Chairman Steve Jasiecki updated the Board of Commissioners Feb. 21 on the green team’s achievements and plans for the year.

Jasiecki said the green team plans to develop a schedule for maintaining the Demonstration Garden planted next to the Municipal Building on N. Vendome Avenue. Volunteers are needed to weed and mulch the garden, which will have new signage and a rain barrel installed.

The green team is also in the process of developing a Community Forestry Plan, which will ensure a variety of trees are planted in the proper locations. It will also work with students at city schools to label storm drains to advise residents that only water should go into the storm drains that lead to the ocean and bay. The team is also encouraging local business owners to seek Ocean Friendly restaurant status.

Jasiecki said the green team partnered with the Ventnor Green Team on the grant-funded purchase of a portable water filling station, which can be used at festivals and events.

Although the city has not committed to banning the use of plastic bags in an ordinance, he commended the Margate Business Association for coming up with its recently announced “Bag It Forward” campaign, which will distribute thousands of reusable bags in the community.

Budget introduction will include small tax rate decrease

The city’s 2019 municipal budget will be introduced March 7 with a small tax rate decrease, Chief Financial Officer Lisa McLaughlin said.

Of the city’s $6.4 million general fund balance, more than $3 million will be applied to the budget to hold the line on taxes.

McLaughlin also reported that $4 million has been invested in a NJ ARM fund that produced $10,200 in interest, McLaughlin said.

Administrator Richard Deaney said spending in the Police, Fire and Public Works departments is down from last year.

The tax rate will decrease one-tenth of a cent this year to 61.8 cents per $100 of assessed valuation, McLaughlin said.

The city will fund a capital bond ordinance this summer to pay for city projects, including replacement of the Amherst Avenue bulkhead.

“We are in good shape for the next several years,” McLaughlin said.

Residents will get to weigh-in on the budget at a public hearing scheduled for 4 p.m. Thursday, April 4.

Residents can purchase memorial benches

Commissioner John Amodeo said the city is developing a program for residents to purchase benches that will be placed on the dune cross-overs to honor or memorialize a loved one. Dune cross-overs include a 10- by 10-foot partially fenced area where benches containing memorial plaques can be installed.

Amodeo said benches would take six weeks to install and contain a plaque made by Schoppy’s Trophies in Linwood. He said information about how to obtain a bench would be posted on the city’s website margate-nj.com.

City approves salary ordinance

The Board of Commissioners Feb. 21 approved a new salary ordinance that sets out salary ranges for certain employees. The changes were necessary due to new employee contracts with the Beach Patrol and Communications Operators. Others listed include title changes required by Civil Service for employees in the Recreation Department.

One new position was added for the confidential aide to the mayor whose salary range is $25,000 to $65,000.

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