Ventnor City Police Chief Doug Biagi.

VENTNOR – Police Chief Douglas Biagi posted a letter to the residents and visitors of the city on the Ventnor City Police Department Facebook page today, highlighting laws that affect smoking on the beach, dog walking, operating drones and riding bicycles on the boardwalk.

Biagi suggests residents and visitors familiarize themselves with these laws to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer for all…

May 17, 2019

To: Ventnor City Residents
From: Chief Douglas Biagi

Dear residents,

The summer season is fast approaching! It’s hard to believe Memorial Day will be celebrated here in about one weeks’ time. I’d like to make you aware of a new ordinance and refresh your memories on couple others.

One of the most significant topics involves smoking bans in public and recreational areas in the State of New Jersey. A recent Fairleigh Dickinson University poll found that 75 percent of New Jersey residents oppose beach smoking.

To understand Ventnor City’s Smoking Ban Ordinance better you can click the link below:…

The Ventnor City Police respond to a number of complaints on the beach, especially during the summer season. Another point of contention is the curbing and leashing of dogs on our beaches, reported by our residents. As a reminder, May 15th was the last day residents could walk their leashed dogs at the water’s edge at any time. Between May 16th and September 30th residents may walk their leashed dogs at the water’s edge from 7:00pm and 9:00pm. No dogs are allowed on the boardwalk, except to cross over to the beach at designated times.

To understand Ventnor City’s Beach Ordinance better you can click the link below:…

Another FYI is regarding drones and unmanned aircraft. In a nutshell, drones and unmanned aircraft are prohibited from flying in airspace under 400 feet over Ventnor City beaches from May 31st through September 1st, unless written permission has been granted by the Office of Chief of Police for a special event of City sponsored event.

To understand Ventnor City’s Drone Ordinance better you can click the link below:…

We field a lot of questions about bicycles on the boardwalk and the hours they are allowed. Bicycles are allowed on the boardwalk during daylight hours all year long. The only exception is on Saturdays and Sundays from July 1st until Labor Day. The hours are restricted on these days between 6:00am and 12:00 noon. Naturally there are more beach goers who cross the boardwalk on weekends, so for everyone’s safety the hours are curtailed. Please keep a lookout and watch your speed!

To understand Ventnor City’s Bicycle Ordinance better you can click the link below:

Perhaps the most contentious topic involves the issuance of parking summonses. Please read all signs, watch for marked no parking areas, never park inside of a painted triangle or crosswalks and make a conscious effort to park with the flow of traffic, not against it.

Hopes for a happy, healthy and safe summer season!
Chief Biagi

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Nanette LoBiondo Galloway

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