Ross School students dressed as famous figures, including, from left, Levi Strauss, Helen Keller, Neil Armstrong and Mohandas K. Gandhi.

MARGATE – Students of the William H. Ross Elementary School and the Eugene A. Tighe Middle School shared their science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills with parents, siblings and friends Wednesday, May 29 during the district’s STEM Enrichment Fair held in both schools.

Students at the Ross School displayed the projects they worked on throughout the school year. Tables were set up in the hallways outside the classrooms where their teachers got very creative with the curriculum assigned for each grade.

At one science table, students used blue food coloring and shaving cream to simulate how long it would take for rain to fall through the clouds. The denser the “cloud” of shaving cream, the longer it took for the “blue rain” to seep through the clouds.

Students in fourth grade designed their own golf courses using the angles and shapes they learned in geometry.

Others learned about the millions of immigrants who came to the United States through Ellis Island. Students researched their own ancestry before using a wooden spoon as a base to fashion a doll dressed in their ancestors’ native garb.

Students also learned about famous historical figures in social studies class and created their own wax museum. After presenting to their peers, students milled about the school dressed as Levi Strauss, Helen Keller, Neil Armstrong and Mohandas K. Gandi.

At the Tighe School, the library displayed technology-based projects on a video loop.

In a social studies class, students watched videos of their live-action recreations of famous historical paintings depicting scenes from the Revolutionary War, including Washington Crossing the Delaware.

The wind turbines students made in science class were well made enough to generate electricity, and students in art class displayed their self-portraits using masterpiece paintings for inspiration.


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