Golf Cars Unlimited

CLERMONT – Golf Cars Unlimited is a full-service golf car and low speed vehicle dealership offering all of the top vehicle brands, parts and service along with on-site winter storage. Located at 1882 Route 9 in Clermont, the 1,000 square-foot showroom displays Golf Cars’ complete line of “street legal” cars, popular for short trips, recreation and travel at campgrounds, golf courses, retirement communities, schools and beach towns.

Low speed vehicles, which have gained in popularity due to their environmental benefits and low maintenance cost, are now popular along the coastal communities and in campgrounds. They offer fast and easy transportation during the crowded summer season. Golf Cars have come a long way – the designs are sleek and fun and each manufacturer offers different features.

Golf Cars Unlimited

Golf Cars Unlimited is a family business started in 2001 by Cape May residents Jim and Donna Gardner. 

“We realized how useful the golf cars were, and also how cost effective and environmentally friendly they are,” Donna Gardner said. “We’ve seen demand grow over the years as our customers — from municipalities and businesses to individuals — realized these benefits, too.”

The golf cars, which need no traditional fuel and emit no emissions, are popular alternatives to cars and motorcycles. The cars can travel at a speed up to 25 miles-per-hour, and can go for a distance of 30-70 miles on a single battery charge, depending on the model.               

“Not only are golf cars the ‘green choice,’ they are quite economical,” said Jim Gardner, owner of Golf Cars Unlimited. “The cars start at about $8,600 and there is no required New Jersey sales tax. They also cost very little to maintain.  On average, these vehicles cost just about a dollar to drive for 30 miles.”

Golf Cars Unlimited stocks four- and six-passenger, utility, sport and trail utility cars and accessories from major brands such as American Custom Golf cars, Star, E-Z-GO, Garia, Polaris, Tomberlin, Evolution Electric Vehicles and GEM. Customization is available on all models.

Golf Cars Unlimited

The showroom also displays accessories from rear seats to lights, tires, covers, windshields, waterproof sound systems and decals, and customers can store their golf car on location in our large storage facility during the off-season.

The Golf Cars Unlimited showroom is open year-round with seasonal hours and will be open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week during the summer months, from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  

For more information, see or like us on Facebook and Instagram @golfcarsunlimitedllc or call 609-624-0400.

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