The Herb Stern Longport Scholarship award recipients and board members.

LONGPORT – At the June 5 Board of Commissioners meeting, the Herb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund presented scholarship awards to 13 Longport residents who are pursuing degrees in higher education.

Local students graduating high school or currently enrolled in college or graduate school who demonstrate scholastic achievement, civic leadership and a strong work ethic were eligible to apply for the scholarship. The fund has provided more than $79,000 in scholarships since its inception 11 years ago, founder Herb Stern said.

Several of the students were present to accept their awards, while siblings and parents of students who are still in school or working internships and first jobs in their selected field of study stepped up to receive the awards.

Last year, seven recipients were awarded a total of $12,500 in scholarships – the largest amount given. This year, donations made in memory of Stern’s late wife Faith, made it possible for the fund to award $15,000 to 13 students.

Mayor Nicholas Russo said the fund has been “very generous” to Longport scholars. The fund’s board members know that “education is power” and has provided financial backing for those seeking knowledge.

Stern said contributions large and small from seasonal and year-round residents make it possible for local students to achieve success in their lives.

This year’s recipients are:

• Raquel Grisham, a Drexel University Dean’s list student who will be receiving an undergraduate degree in nursing. She will attend Jefferson University Medical School in the fall in preparation for admission into Medical School.
• Sophia Grisham, a graduate Ocean City High School who will attend Rowan
University this fall. Her work at her church nursery and as a mother’s helper has inspired her to pursue a degree in elementary education.
• Ethan Kramer, a 2018 graduate of Rowan University who has been accepted at Widener Law School and plans to pursue a career as a lawyer.
• Owen Kramer, who is currently a freshman and a member of the football team at Widener University. He is a criminal justice major and wants to pursue a career in law enforcement.
• Wyatt Kramer, a double-major in finance and operations management
and business analytics who intends to attend graduate school at the University of Maryland College Park.
• Christian Kuhn, senior at Ocean City High School who plans to attend the
University of Delaware honors program, majoring in computer science. He hopes to become a software developer.
• Kallista Kuhn, a senior at Ocean City High School who will attend the University of Delaware and pursue a degree in fashion merchandising and business, with a focus on sustainability in fashion through the use of recyclable and plant-based materials.
• Georgina McGuckin, a junior in Stockton University’s early childhood
education program. Her goal is to become a kindergarten teacher.
• Michael O’Leary, 2014 graduate of St. Joseph’s University who will return
to the classroom to further his education at Rutgers School of Law.
• Thomas Rafter, a fnance major at Villanova University, with a minor in business analytics. He is aiming for a job on Wall Street.
• Tanner Tomassi, who is currently pursuing a business management and entrepreneurship degree at Rowan University. He has already started his own business – PBX Paintball Exchange – and hopes to manage and expand his venture after graduation.
• Nalu Tripician, a freshman at Wesleyan College majoring in
computer science with a minor in film. His hope is to either continue on to medical school or work in the computer science or aerospace industries.
• Natalie Viso is currently enrolled at the University of California, Fullerton and plans to graduate in 2020 with a major in communication with an emphasis on TV and film.

Members of the scholarship committee include Stern as president, Vice-president Carl Tripician, Treasurer Lynn Baumgardner, Secretary Kristin Tobin, and board members Dorothy McGee, Michael Garvin and Patrick Armstrong. Several board members were there to present scholarships to the students.

Contributions may be made at any time via PayPal on the fund’s website,, or by mailing a check to Longport Scholarship Fund, c/o President Herb Stern, 32 S. 32nd Ave., Longport, NJ 08403.

For more information contact Herb Stern at 609-541-3628 or email

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