MARGATE – Forty-four, fourth graders in the city’s public schools will be learning all about bicycle safety and the city’s first-ever Bike Rodeo being held Friday, June 14 at the Eugene A. Tighe Middle School parking lot.

According to Margate Commissioner of Public Safety John Amodeo, the Police and Fire departments will be on-hand to provide instruction at several “learning stations” on proper bicycle safety, including wearing helmets, riding with the flow of traffic and other traffic safety regulations included in New Jersey State Statutes.

Students are being asked to ride their bicycles and wear their helmets to school that day. Accommodations will be made for students who do not have a bicycle or helmet. Giveaways include wheel reflectors and other safety items.

The day begins with a bicycle tour from the William H. Ross School to the Eugene A. Tighe Middle School,  the school the students will attend in September. Students will proceed to the parking area where they will participate in a challenging obstacle course; register their bikes with the Margate City Police Department, which could help get a bicycle returned if it is ever lost or stolen; learn safety regulations every bicyclist should know; and even get a “tune up” from professionals at the Margate Bicycle Shop.

Students will then get a police escort as they ride to the Decatur Avenue playground where they will be treated to a pizza lunch provided by Margate Police. They will also tour the Firehouse No. 1 on Washington Avenue and visit Historic City Hall.

Amodeo said the event would be held yearly in June to help address safety issues when people do not abide by the rules of the road, such as stopping for stop signs and red lights or riding in the wrong direction in bicycle lanes, especially during the summer months when there is an influx of visitors to the city.

“Bike awareness and traffic issues are a main concern,” Amodeo said, which prompted him to contact the schools about conducting the event. “I’m excited about it.”

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