Margate Mayor Michael Becker, right, honors former OEM Coordinator Jerry Greenberg and his wife Myra for their dedication to the city.

MARGATE – The Board of Commissioners Thursday, Aug. 15 appointed Lt. Chuck LaBarr of the Margate Beach Patrol as the city’s new Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator, along with Police Chief Matt Hankinson and Fire Chief Dan Adams as deputy coordinators.

But before they took formal action on those appointments, the board honored outgoing OEM Coordinator Jerry Greenberg and his wife Myra for being tireless advocates for the city and its children.

Mayor Michael Becker read a proclamation declaring Aug. 15 as Jerry and Myra Greenberg Day in Margate. He said the city was recognizing the longtime residents for their dedication and loyalty as both employees and volunteers.

Jerry was a volunteer Civil Defense manager starting in 1968 and later became emergency management coordinator in 1987 and was responsible for coordinating emergency services during disasters.

Myra was a science teacher at Atlantic City High School for many years and also served on the Margate City Board of Education. She is a founding member of “Art Goes to School,” a program that brings fine art to classrooms in the city’s public schools.

The couple also sponsors an annual field trip for fifth grade students to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Commissioner John Amodeo, who heads up Public Safety, said Greenberg efficiently managed emergency response and services during Hurricane Sandy and other storms.

“Everything he did was properly in order with the state, with the lion’s share of the work done ahead of time,” Amodeo said.

Amodeo said Greenberg took the job as OEM coordinator and served in a volunteer capacity until the State of New Jersey mandated that it be a paid position.

“You are an extraordinary couple and the City of Margate is very proud of the work you have done,” he said, thanking them on behalf of residents.

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