Margate Community Church Blessing of the Animals Sunday, Oct. 6.

MARGATE – The Margate Community Church held the Blessing of the Animals after services Sunday, Oct. 6 in Fellowship Hall.

Pastor Victoria Ney started the brief service with a prayer for abused and neglected animals. A short reading from the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis, reminded those gathered with their pets that God gave man dominion over all living creatures.

Ney said man has much to learn from their animals. She advised those present to be like their dogs, loyal and loving.

“If you see a friend, wag your tail,” Rev. Ney said, “Let them know you are glad to see them.”

When someone has a bad day, their pet will usually sense it and sit quietly by their side to relax them, she said.

“Likewise, If you know someone’s having a bad day, sit with them quietly,” she said.

The pets who showed up with their parents ranged from a full array small and larger dogs, two birds and a bunny rabbit. They lined up to visit Rev. Ney for a special blessing. Treats were available for the animals and their caretakers.


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