From left, Commissioner Dan Lawler, Mayor Nicholas Russo, Commissioner Jim Leeds and former solicitor Pacifico “Pat” Agnellini.

LONGPORT – In a proclamation honoring his 10 years of professional legal service to the borough, Mayor Nicholas Russo and Commissioners Dan Lawler and Jim Leeds name Jan. 15, 2020 “Pacifico ‘Pat’ Agnellini Day” in the borough.

Agnellini, who has been the borough’s solicitor for 10 years, is stepping back a bit, but will continue representing the borough as alternate solicitor, a service he provided Wednesday in the absence of the borough’s newly appointed solicitor Michael Affinato.

Agnellini will also represent the borough in all tax appeals that are filed in 2020.

In the proclamation, Russo called Agnellini a “trailblazer” in gaming law, internet gaming and in the areas of federal, state and local regulatory compliance.

“He has served the Borough of Longport with distinction and honor for 10 years as Borough Solicitor and in that position has earned the respect and admiration of the citizens of Longport,” Russo read from the proclamation, expressing gratitude for his dedication and professionalism.

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Nanette LoBiondo Galloway

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