AC Police Officer Cindy Rongione lays on the ground to rescue ducklings from a storm drain near the Brigantine Bridge.

ATLANTIC CITY- Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner on Thursday charged Atlantic City Police officers with “Random Acts of Copness,” following a daring rescue that freed a family of ducklings from a storm drain off Brigantine Avenue near the Brigantine Bridge.

According to Tyner, police officers and firefighters went beyond the call of duty to rescue the ducklings amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Atlantic City Police, Pet Det. Cindy Rongione laid on the ground to reach into the storm drain to help the stranded ducklings. Firefighters from the Atlantic City Fire Department assisted her during the rescue.

Rongione took the ducklings to Funny Farm Rescue to be checked out.

While serving our community earlier this month, police officers from the Brigantine Police Department assisted a stranded seal to safety from the street.

“In these challenging times, Officer Rongione and her colleagues at ACPD and ACFD, prove once again that they are there to protect and serve all of those who cannot help themselves, no matter what form of life. We are grateful for their service,” Tyner said.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office spotlights law enforcement officers from around the county who do more than required to help the community. The Random Acts of Copness Project features the stories, photos and videos of their unselfish service.

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