LONGPORT – After counting provisional ballots cast at the polls on Election Day, Longport’s incumbent slate of candidates will remain in office for another four years.

The Atlantic County Board of Elections added provisional ballots to the mail-in vote count, but it did not change the outcome. Incumbents Dan Lawler, Nicholas Russo and James Leeds Sr. will return to the dais for their fourth four-year terms.

Counting of the provisional ballots did not change the results of the Nov. 2 general election in Longport.

  1. Dan Lawler 287+13 = 300
  2. Nicholas Russo 282+16 = 298
  3. James P. Leeds 272+15 = 287
  4. James Ulmer 265+6 = 271
  5. Fran Caulfield 252+5 = 257
  6. Robert English 236+5 = 241
  7. Scott C. Cianci 90+3 = 93
  8. Veronica Iezzi 26+2 = 28

Leeds said he would feel “totally confident” in the vote once it is certified.

“I am very pleased the voters of Longport have continued their faith in us and we will continue to keep Longport the best and happy port,” he said.

Russo thanked residents for their confidence in the team’s leadership ability and dedication to the health, welfare and safety of Longport.

“I also want to commend the significant number of overall voters who participated in our democratic process. I have personally been using vote by mail for a number of years and the system obviously gets more individuals involved in the elections process. The system accomplishes the goal of increasing voter participation,” he said.



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