Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in February, more than 5% of Atlantic County’s population has contracted the disease. Of the 5.53% who tested positive for the coronavirus, 2.4% died from the disease. Most of them had pre-existing conditions.

As of Tuesday, Dec. 29, Atlantic County Health Department reported a total of 14,079 positives, with 351 deaths and 6,115 reported as recovered. The exact number of individuals who have been cleared as recovered is uncertain because approximately 25% fail to respond to initial contact or follow-up letter and 3% choose not to participate upon contact.

Over the past two days, there were eight fatalities. On Monday, the county reported three deaths, and on Tuesday, five more residents perished from the disease.

Daily and cumulative counts are available on the county’s website at https://www.atlantic-county.org/covid/daily-compare.asp

A list of testing sites is available at https://www.atlantic-county.org/covid/additional-testing-locations.asp

Nanette LoBiondo Galloway

Award winning journalist covering news, events and people of Atlantic County for more than 20 years.