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LONGPORT – The Board of Commissioners approved a resolution Feb. 27 authorizing Ed Dennis Jr. of Remington & Vernick Engineers to serve as municipal engineer for a three-year term that expires Feb. 28, 2023. Dennis, who also serves as municipal engineer in neighboring Margate, replaces former engineer Richard Carter who retired in December after 34 years with the borough.

Commissioner of Finance James Leeds said the borough received several proposals and that he personally spoke with representatives of two engineering firms before making his recommendation.

“I’ve studied all the proposals and all the engineers are well qualified,” Leeds said.

However, he believes RVE has the most experience in municipal engineering.

“Mr. Carter’s knowledge on Absecon Island was unique,” Mayor Nicholas Russo said. “But we have to go forward. We have too many projects that need coordination. We are getting too many change orders. We’ve got to get our arms around this.”

Lawler said he preferred ARH Associates of Hammonton, which is currently engineering the new well and well house project, but agreed with Leed’s determination.

“Margate speaks very highly of him,” Lawler said.

The commissioners voted unanimously on the appointment.

Dennis will serve as the in-house engineer for day-to-day projects, but major projects will go out to bid, Leeds said.

Additionally, Carter will continue to oversee several projects currently in the works, including installation of a new well and a building of a well house at the Public Works yard. A sidewalk infill project he engineered is now completed, as is the beach access and maintenance plans.

According to the resolution, RVE’s contract will not exceed $30,000 annually based on an hourly rate. He will work approximately four hours a week. If more time is needed, his contract will be adjusted.

Administrator A. Scott Porter said RVE will likely review needs of the aging Borough Hall, oversee water and sewer installations, and future road projects.


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