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MARGATE – With Arbor Day approaching Friday, April 30, the city and its green team, Sustainable Margate, are shining a light on the value of trees to the community by establishing efforts to maintain trees and green spaces on the island.

To minimize the negative effects of tree removal, the city will now require property owners or builders to obtain a Tree Affidavit from the Zoning Office before removing a tree.

According to a release from Administrator Richard Deaney, the city’s current building boom is threatening the city’s tree canopy. A large amount of trees are in danger of being removed to accommodate new construction, he said.

“Unfortunately, this practice has several negative consequences, including the lack of shade during the hot summer months, as well as a lack of wildlife diversity,” Deaney said.

The City Code (Section 175-26) contains minimum landscape standards for residential properties, and the Zoning Board may require new trees to be planted on a property in order to satisfy the requirements.

The following principles shall be considered when planning to remove a tree:

  • Existing trees located within 10 feet of any street right-of-way shall be maintained unless shown to be removed as part of an approved building plan. The existing grade within that space shall not be disturbed.
  • Existing large trees with more than 6-inch caliper shall be saved by not varying the grade around the trees by more than 6-12 inches, by construction of tree wells, and by erecting protective fences.

A permit to remove a tree is not required once the project is approved.

“The City of Margate has and will always be proactive when it comes to the sustainability and preservation of its natural resources. This Tree Affidavit is another way to help ensure the beauty of Margate’s landscape for all present residents, future residents and visitors to enjoy,” Deaney said.

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