Margate Police instruct students on the rules of the road during the first of two annual Bicycle Rodeos for student in the city’s public schools.

MARGATE – Fourth graders at the William H. Ross Elementary School participated in a Bicycle Rodeo held in the parking lot behind the Dominic A. Potena Performing Arts Center Thursday, May 27. It was the first of two events being held to educate Margate students about the rules of the road when it comes to bicycle riding.

Students brought their bikes to school to participate in an obstacle course and learn about bicycle safety when riding on city streets.

The Margate Bicycle Shop was on hand to make repairs and adjustments, and inflate tires to the proper pressure. The shop also brought along a surrey to ensure handicapped students enjoyed the day.

Ross School Principal Audrey Becker drives the surrey during the school’s fourth grade Bicycle Rodeo, Thursday, May 27.

Members of the Margate Police Department provided instructions on how to ride on city streets and obey traffic safety signs, such as “sharrows” or “share the road” signs painted on streets near the city schools. Police also registered bicycles for the children.

Students at the Eugene A. Tighe Middle School will have their bicycle rodeo on Thursday, June 10.

Students line up to get their bicycles registered with the Margate City Police Department.

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