Visit an AtlantiCare Urgent Care center if you have symptoms of heat exhaustion.

The teams at AtlantiCare Urgent Care centers are gearing up for high volume as people start to go back to normal activities following the pandemic. Those looking to make up for lost time may be prone to injuries and illnesses that require professional treatment, but are not serious enough to go to a hospital.

Some of the most common reasons to visit an urgent care center can range sun poisoning and heat stroke to fish hook pierces and infected insect bites.

AtlantiCare professionals are available to treat the following issues/symptoms:

Heat exhaustion

  • Dizziness and flu-like symptoms
  • Vomiting
  • If rehydration and cooling off isn’t working

Sunburn/sun poisoning

  • Blisters or rash that looks like hives
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Vomiting

Fishhook injuries

  • Fishhook is embedded in the skin, especially if there is a barb on the hook, refrain from removing it yourself
  • Punctured area is red, hot or oozing

Boardwalk splinters 

  • Boardwalk splinters are very hard to get out and usually needs a professional care
  • A splinter is so deep it cannot be removed with common tweezer or will require digging deep and causing excessive bleeding
  • If the area around the splinter or place where a splinter was removed, is red, hot or oozing

Allergic reaction to an insect bite

  • Rapidly spreading redness or redness extending beyond the immediate area of the bite exceeding a radius of 1 inch
  • New redness around the area starts more than 24 hours after the bite
  • Severe and/or persistent pain

Cuts or lacerations

  • The wound is still bleeding after applying direct pressure for 15 minutes
  • The severity of the wound is one or more of the following:
  • Very deep or more than half of an inch long
  • Exposes tendon, bone or fat
  • One the face or over a joint causing it to open when the joint moves
  • Too wide to press the edges back together
  • The wound has debris in it, e.g., glass, gravel, dirt, shard from a seashell

There are AtlantiCare Urgent Care Centers located in Atlantic City at 3830 Atlantic Ave., Egg Harbor Township, Galloway Township and Cape May City.

Online appointments can be made at

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