Orsted’s proposed wind farm 15 miles off the New Jersey coast is drawing objections from Ocean City Council. (Image courtesy City of Ocean City)

Clean Ocean Action, a non-profit dedicated to improving ocean water quality and protecting the marine habitat, is seeking information from citizens about their knowledge of and thoughts about a proposed offshore wind energy development project off the coast of New Jersey and New York.

There are currently nine lease areas with projects in various stages of proposal and development. Of these projects, four have already been approved to move forward in the application process. The wind farms include installation of approximately 400 turbines in coastal waters.

Location of offshore wind farm.

Orsted has proposed the Ocean Wind project 15 miles off the coast of Atlantic City. According to the developer, the 1,100 megawatt project will generate enough energy to power 500,000 homes. A second project generating 1,148 megawatts, could be operational by 2028.

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To learn more, see cleanoceanaction.org.

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