MBA/Kwanzan cherry trees line the Parkway section in Margate.


MARGATE – They are nearing the end of their lifespan, and several are already dead or dying. Thirty-seven, about half of the Kwanzan cherry trees that line the Parkway section of Ventnor Avenue, are being dug up and replaced with new Japanese flowering cherry trees.

The cherry trees, which create a beautiful vibrant pink landscape in spring are nearly 40 years old, Public Works Supervisor Frank Ricciotti said. The flowering pear trees, which accent the Parkway landscape design were planted before World War II, he said.

“A lot of the cherry trees are dead or dying, and some were removed and never replaced,” he said. “They will be all replaced with cherry trees that have a 3-inch diameter trunk.”

MBA/Kwanzan cherry trees line Ventnor Avenue in the Parkway section of Margate.

Some of the trees in the landscape, which was designed by Joseph Cairone of Cairone & Kaupp Inc., were damaged as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Four fountains that grace the Parkway’s landscape islands were refurbished in 2018. They feature mermaids, fish and frogs, and were part of the upscale neighborhood’s original design.

The project is being funded through the Public Works Department’s operating budget at a cost of $11,285 and the work performed by the city’s landscaping contractor, Guzzo Landscaping, LLC of Absecon. The company subcontracted with Hell Fighters Tree Removal Service to clear the trees and remove the stumps in preparation for the tree plantings.

New plantings will also be done at the Sig Rimm Recreational Complex on Jerome Avenue. The city will plant 85 inkberry bushes at a cost of $3,230. The plantings are part of the renovation of the park, which will soon include a new playground that resembles Lucy the Elephant. It will be located on Jerome Avenue next to the basketball courts.


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