Ventnor City Hall.

VENTNOR – The Board of Commissioners Thursday, Jan. 13 held its annual reorganization meeting, awarding more than $500,000 in contracts for professional services. It also promoted two police officers and appointed citizens to several advisory committees.

Contracts awarded include $156,250 to Jersey Professional Management Corp., the company that provides the services of Temporary Acting Administrator Maria Mento to run the day-to-day operations of the city. Mento is paid $13 per hour on the city’s payroll, and JPM receives $117 per hour on the voucher system. A second contract totaling $12,150 will allow JPM to provide consulting services as needed.

Other contract awards include:

  • City auditor – Ford Scott & Associates $64,000
  • Planning and Grant assistance – James Rutala $40,000
  • Conflict Solicitor – Parker McCay $10,000
  • General Tax Counsel for tax appeals and in-rem foreclosures – Hank Rovillard $100,000
  • Risk Management Consultant – Siracusa
  • Bond Counsel – Archer & Greiner – $10,000
  • Health Insurance Broker – Professional Benefit Consultants $12,000
  • Continuing Disclosure Agent – NW Financial Group, LLC $1,000
  • Financial Advisor of Record – NW Financial Group, LLC $10,000
  • Labor Relations Counsel – Gruccio Pepper Desanto & Ruth $20,000
  • Police Training – Rogers Group, LLC $14,653
  • Medical Surveillance – AtlantiCare $20,000
  • Human Resources Personnel Consultant – $12,000
  • Tax Court Appraiser – George R. Brown $5,000
  • Emergency Training Consultant – Emergency Training & Consulting $2,200
  • Digital Media Shared Services – ACUA $12,420
  • EAP – Employee Assistance Services $3,480
  • NJEIT Bond Counsel – $5,000

The board approved promotions for Joseph Wooton as captain in the Police Department, and Marc Franco as sergeant. The board also appointed Margaret Pacanowski as Tax Collector.

The following citizens were appointed to various boards and committees:

Planning Board: Lance Landgraf, Tim Kriebel, Thomas Halpin Jr., Dan Smith III, Mike Wiesen, Wendy Bartlett and Dan Siglin.

Green Team Advisory Committee: Diane Birkbeck, Monica Coffey, Beth Kwart, Steve Jasiecki, Mary Lanhan, Ann Maise, Peter Mokover, Jose Ruiz Jr., Debbie Conrad and Lee Widman.

Municipal Alliance: Beth Holtzman, Chairman Douglas Biagi, Coordinator Kathleen McFadden, Police Chief Joe Fussner or designee, Pastor James Macabeo, Matthew Burnside, Paula Maccagnano, Michael Advena, Susan Van Duyne Hunter, Michael Tripician and Albert Battaglia.

Ad Hoc Citizens Advisory Committee: Scott Bluth, Christopher Breece, Ed Cahan, Tom Hewitt, Scott Oster, Kenneth Gordon, Jeff Jaskol, Bill Thomas, Rand Snyderman and John Agner.

Creative Team: Mike Advena, Diane Birkbeck, Janet Bodoff, Susan Van Duyne Hunter, Dina Engle, Beth Holtzman, Mary Marino, Andy Starer and Penni Starer.


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