DOWNBEACH – As summer winds down, and residents enjoy “Local’s Summer” beachgoers are advised to only swim in the ocean at protected beaches. The water is warm and the sun will shine again after a couple of days of rain and tidal flooding. Air temperatures will likely be in the low 80s, so grab that book you intended to read over the summer and take an hour or two to enjoy the last vestages of summer at the Jersey shore.

Although many lifeguards have either returned to their teaching jobs or are back in college, a handful of Downbeach’s professional lifeguards are still on the job.

According to Ventnor Beach Patrol Capt. David Funk, the ocean gets rough during the month of September.

“We caution people against entering the water at unprotected beaches,” he said. “Always swim at protected beaches, and if you are going surfing, let someone know where you will be and give them a time to expect you home.”

Guarded beaches


Through Sept.11, Suffolk, Dorset, New Haven and Lafayette Avenue

After Sept. 11, to be determined based on staffing


Sept. 6-11, Brunswick, Huntington and Washington avenues depending on staffing availability

No guarded beaches after Sept. 11


Sept. 6-11, 33rd, 30th, 26th and 16th avenues

Sept. 12-16, TBD based on staffing

Sept. 17-18 and Sept. 24-25, 33rd, 20th 26th, 16th avenues





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