John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas is a Board-Certified civil trial lawyer. Mr. Morgan’s expertise includes personal injury and wrongful death, as well as motor vehicle accidents, and natural disaster claims. In the article below, John S. Morgan takes a look at wrongful death claims in Texas, who can pursue these cases, and how to navigate the legal system, and receive compensation for the untimely loss of a loved one.

John S Morgan Attorney Beaumont Texas

Unfortunately, there comes a time when some people must consider hiring a civil attorney in regard to a case involving wrongful death.

When a wrongful death has occurred, John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas says clients should hire a civil attorney to represent the victim. Wrongful death cases include those such as car accidents, medical malpractice, accidents at work, and defective products. When looking to hire an attorney for wrongful death, clients should research and contact a civil attorney like John S. Morgan and his team.

In the article below, John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas will explain the process of looking for a civil attorney for the unfortunate case of wrongful death, and how to go about it if they reside in Texas. Also, what situations qualify in the state of Texas as a wrongful death case is discussed.

How To Hire a Civil Attorney in Texas

When someone is the victim of a wrongful death, the first thing they should do is start researching an attorney that specializes in wrongful death. These types of attorneys are civil attorneys. Attorneys are useful in these cases because they can assist clients in understanding legal jargon, formulating letters that use the correct language and generally guide clients throughout their cases explains John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas.

Before deciding to begin the search for the right civil attorney, families of victims of wrongful death should be sure that they are qualified to file a wrongful death lawsuit in the state of Texas. The only people that qualify to pursue these types of cases may do so include a child, spouse or parent of the deceased, or a personal representative who is responsible for handling the affairs of the deceased explains John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas.

According to Texas law, if an immediate family member of the deceased fails to file a lawsuit within three months of the incident, the representative of the deceased has a two-year window from the time of death to file a suit says John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas.

John S Morgan Attorney Beaumont Texas

Deciding On the Right Civil Attorney

There are a number of ways that clients can hire the right civil attorney while residing in Texas, one of them by calling a hotline during weekday business hours. This toll-free number is a resource that can be used for civil legal assistance within the state of Texas. Or, clients can reach out to specific legal teams, like John S. Morgan and his legal team.

Another way to decide on a civil attorney is by the attorney fee; that is, clients must first consider possible contingency fees, pay flat fees, hourly rates, payment plan options, retainers, etc. Choosing a lawyer can sometimes depend entirely on who charges what fees or offers certain payment programs the client may qualify for says John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas.

John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas says that clients should do their due diligence in making sure whatever firm they’re considering using is legitimate, reputable, and has high standards of representation. They also want to ensure the attorneys are experienced and have successful track records. This information is usually highlighted on attorney websites. It’s even a good idea to consider looking at reviews of the firm. This is a good way to get candid ideas of how professional the firm is, explains John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas.

Those interested in hiring a civil attorney should do so as soon as possible as there is a two-year statute of limitations on each civil case. Once an attorney has been chosen, the client can reach out usually by phone, email or in person appointment to get started in filling a lawsuit. Next, the case will be analyzed during an initial case consultation to see what can be done to reward damages.

Clients living in Texas should be sure to specifically hire a civil lawyer who represents wrongful death to assist them with their case explains John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas. Once the right lawyer has been chosen for defending the case, they’ll generally take over a majority of the legal and paperwork responsibilities throughout the remainder of the case.

Send A Settlement Letter and Begin Negotiations

John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas explains that after the lawyer has been chosen, they will make a demand letter that will be sent to the client’s insurance company of the allegedly guilty entity. The letter will include details about how the client and their attorney believe the accused to be at fault for the wrongful death as well as state an amount of money they seek to settle the case.

John S. Morgan, attorney from Beaumont, Texas says that if the offer is accepted and the fee is paid, the lawsuit is automatically settled, and no further action needs to be taken. However, if the defendant denies the offer, the plaintiff will at this point be able to take them to court. The attorney will be able to assist the plaintiff no matter the outcome of the settlement letter.


Filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Texas is a simple process as long as those interested in filing follow the process accordingly. By doing diligent research and choosing an attorney that is not only a good match financially but specializes in wrongful death cases, clients can begin forming and sending settlement letters, possibly leading to an easy settlement.

If a settlement letter fails and negotiations ensue, a court case may be necessary to collect a settlement that covers the damages the victim endured. A lawyer is useful because they can help clients navigate the legal setting and lessen stress in an already stressful time in their lives.

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