Tranell Morant is an entrepreneur and marketing professional that covers new technology in business and marketing news. Below, Tranell Morant discusses marketing automation tools for start-up companies, why they are beneficial for start-ups and established businesses alike, and how this technology can boost company growth, and surprisingly, isn’t too expensive.

Launching a startup is rough. Small firms—sometimes companies of one or two people—are tasked with a never-ending list of jobs that needed to be done yesterday. And it’ll be the same tomorrow, and every day for the foreseeable future.

Tranell Morant says that startups haven’t yet arrived at the stage where they can hire someone to do all the maintenance and hygiene work that needs to be done to keep a business operational let alone to allow for growth.

Fortunately, there is an in-between. There is an intermediary between one person doing a million and one jobs and hiring that team of expert marketing specialists.

That intermediary is marketing automation tools. Tranell Morant explains three of the best (plus a couple of special mentions).

But first…

Are Marketing Automation Tools Really Important for Startups

In a nutshell: Yes.

Tranell Morant says that marketing automation tools can create breathing room for new businesses, by streamlining the background processes that nobody sees—but everybody expects.

  • Automating marketing activities and processes. Those emails to customers thanking them for their purchase and updating delivery timeframes? Those reminders they’ve left items in their cart? Tranell Morant says gone are the days were valuable human hours need to be invested in those.
  • Boosting conversion rates. Understanding when to send specific messages to leads is key to driving conversion—and there are automated services that know these metrics, so you don’t have to.
  • Building customer loyalty. Marketing automation tools can support startups in creating a consistent, unique, high quality brand experience for customers.
  • Keeping a finger on the pulse. Entrepreneurs enjoy being in control—it’s why they aren’t working for someone else says Tranell Morant. They’ve got an idea—a drive—and a vision. Marketing automation software isn’t about surrendering control—it’s about quick, detailed, accurate data at the click of a button.
  • Saving time. This is by far the biggest reason any startup needs a strong marketing automation tool (or two). When time is money, marketing automation is worth every cent.

Speaking of cents, marketing automation tools can cost a lot…but they don’t have to. Tranell Morant says that the list below has four of the best comprehensive marketing automation tools on the planet—and they won’t annihilate a startup budget.

Tranell MorantTranell MorantAffordable and Effective Marketing Automation Tools for Business

Automation can make life easier when it’s used correctly. However, Tranell Morant says that in what has fast become a more is more world, some startups are amassing more marketing automation software than they need.

This list isn’t about that life.

Every tool Tranell Morant has discussed in this section is an all-in-one (or most-in-one) marketing solution for small businesses. Better yet, they’ve all got the potential to grow along with the business.

#1. Keap

Keap markets itself as “absolutely everything an entrepreneur needs to win”. And isn’t that what every startup looks for in an automated platform?

Tranell Morant explains that Keap handles everything from collecting leads to communications to email marketing and reporting. From the minute a potential customer lands on the business radar, Keap supports small businesses in nurturing the relationship, the sales, and brand engagement.

Top 5 benefits of Keap:

  • Seamless customer relationship management
  • Email marketing and SMS automation
  • Simple user interface for setup and scheduling ease
  • Strong reporting
  • Free trial

Price: Free trial and plans starting at $129 per month.

Sound like a lot? Compare this to Act-on, which offers similar services at $900 per month.

#2. Buffer

Buffer is a full stack social media brand building weapon that streamlines everything from what time to post, to detailed analytics, and team coordination explains Tranell Morant.

Brand building is where Buffer shines—it specializes in scheduling content at the right time, to help startups maximize engagement.

Top 5 benefits of Buffer:

  • Detailed social media reporting and monitoring
  • Content management and team coordination tools
  • Compatible with LinkedIn
  • A comprehensive social media solution for any startup
  • Highly competitive pricing.

Price: Starts at the low, low price of free—up to $10 per month, per channel

#3. Moosend

Tranell Morant says that another comprehensive all-in-one marketing solution, Moosend has been a loyal sidekick to some of the startup world’s biggest success stories lately.

Take Woods Coffee, for example. Moosend was its tool of choice as it grew from a single location in Lynden, Washington, to a coffee chain that dominates the Washington market and has a reputation across the Pacific Northwest.

Moosend offers everything startups need to…well…start. Email marketing and ecommerce solutions, data analytics, A/B testing, user tracking, and enough list segmentation functionality to find abandoned carts with ease.

Top 5 benefits of Moosend:

  • Detailed email marketing automation with scheduling and mailing list management
  • Strong list segmentation performance
  • Real-time analytics to drive decision making
  • Website and user tracking
  • Competitive pricing

Price: Free trial and then full functionality for $9 per month.

Special mention goes to…


For startups looking for a simple solution to managing customer relationship management, Freshworks offers the best omnichannel customer service from one place. Communication across multiple platforms—email, web, mobile, and social media—to build brand engagement easily.

Price: Free trial and plans from $15 per month


Even the most digitally savvy startup needs a little email support to build a relationship with customers. For this, there is no going passed MailChimp. Boost sales conversions with personalized content and well-timed emails from the simple, easy to use interface.

Price: Free for the first 10,000 emails a month.

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