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With the holiday season upon us, it is important for all Americans to remember the men and women who have provided them with the freedom to sit around the holiday table with the people they love. David DeQuattro, a partner with RGB Architects, is a military veteran who is excited to share that his company has agreed to two pro bono projects to help the amazing Dare to Dream Ranch.

The Dare to Dream Ranch in Foster, Rhode Island provides alternative therapy programs for U.S. Military veterans and their families struggling with emotional challenges such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, Depression, Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). David DeQuattro is very proud of the services being offered by the Dare to Dream ranch, which include equine therapy, horticulture therapy, woodworking, beekeeping, recreational exercise, career coaching and much more. The Ranch is a place where veterans receive assistance that set them up for success in civilian life.

David DeQuattro and all RGB Architects is thrilled to support the work being done at the Dare to Dream Ranch with pro bono design work for two upcoming projects. The first design project is for a Gift Shop that will be used to sell the products veterans and their spouses create during therapy sessions on the ranch. Purchasing the amazing work created by the veterans at the ranch will not only provide them with residual income but will support additional non-profit programs in the future.

The second design project being completed by RGB Architects is a new Health and Wellness Center. David DeQuattro explains that the new Health and Wellness Center at the Dare to Dream Ranch will have two rooms to add massage, reflexology, reiki and hypnotherapy to the Ranch’s programs. The Center will also feature attached stalls, so veterans will no longer need to cancel their visits for equine therapy due to the harsh New England winters.

In addition to providing the designs for these two new structures at the Dare to Dream Ranch, David DeQuattro has gathered friends within the industry who will conduct all structural, mechanical, and environmental engineering for the project. This is truly a group effort to support an incredibly important cause. DeQuattro is now looking to spread the word regarding the fundraising of $100,000 to get these buildings built for our great veterans.

The Dare to Dream Ranch has announced the following donation incentives:

  • $500,000 Naming Rights for the Health and Wellness Center.
  • $100,000 Naming Riding Arena Area
  • $50,000 Naming Rights for the Mental Health Clinic
  • $25,000 Naming one of the medical offices for massage, reflexology, reiki and hypnotherapy
  • $15,000 Naming one of the horse stalls

Those looking to learn more about The Dare to Dream Ranch or donate to the cause should visit DaretodDreamRanch.org. All proceeds go directly towards the Dare to Dream Ranch and their focus on helping American veterans. Giving back to the heroes of our great nation is what the holidays should be all about. David DeQuattro hopes you will join RGB Architects and their commitment to the amazing work being done at the Dare to Dream Ranch. Those local to the New England area who are unable to contribute monetarily can also donate their time as the ranch is always on the lookout for volunteers.

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