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Ana L. Avendano spends much of her time as a practicing attorney, but she always carves out time to experiment in the kitchen. One of Ana L. Avendano’s favorite hobbies is to find unique, exciting recipes to share. In the following article, Ms. Avendano discusses how to spice up the holidays by swapping out traditional favorites for something more… fun!

Serving the same dishes year after year can become exhausting, leaving the palate wanting more than the traditional holiday delights. There are plenty of family recipes that are must-haves for the holidays, but why not shake things up with new, flavorful additions to the table?

Ana L. Avendano discusses below some of the most unique, yet appetizing holiday dishes are bound to bring a new world of flavor this holiday season!

Side Dishes

Pull-Apart Garlic Bread

Dinner rolls are a family favorite for many. Instead of serving individual rolls at the table, Ana L. Avendano asks, why not butter and season the entire package of rolls before sliding them into the oven? This allows the delectable dough to bake thoroughly with the flavor, making for a mouthwatering treat upon dinnertime that practically melts when pulled apart.


Ana L. Avendano explains that Kaddu is what pumpkins are known as in India, but this dish contains butternut squash! It’s an interesting dish sure to surprise your guests in both style and flavor. It can be served anytime during the holiday season, for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and beyond.
Ana Avendano, attorney says that Kaddu is the perfect sweet, yet savory side dish with a bit of spice. Ingredients include butternut squash, ginger, and a small amount of red chile pepper (like cayenne) to give it a bit of a kick. It’s a delightful addition to any table looking to spice things up. It pairs well with puri, tortillas, and toast!


Pumpkin Ravioli

Ana Avendano, attorney says that this vegetarian-friendly entree ensures that any herbivores at the table can sample seasonal delights with everyone else. Butter, garlic, and pumpkin puree blend to make a delicious and nutritious meal, perfect for the holiday season! It’s a fun and somewhat simple recipe to follow, meaning that anyone can try presenting it at the table explains Ana Avendano, attorney.

Bacon Wrapped Turkey

There are already so many ways to prepare a turkey for the holidays, but the best way to do it…Using bacon, of course! Avoid wrapping the turkey in foil, as it makes the meat soggy. When done right, the turkey gains a salty, smokey flavor from the bacon that makes it one of the best ways to prepare this traditional holiday entrée.


Hawaiian Guava Cake

Ana L. Avendano says that a recipe recently recommended for Hawaiian Guava Cake is deliciously sweet, but not too sweet. It’s perfect for those who want a taste of dessert without all the sugar. The cake tastes like guava and looks like a vanilla cake unless a few drops of red food coloring are used to give it that signature pink color.

Eggnog Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles are a sweet snack that can be dressed up for the holidays. When made with eggnog, they are perfect for the holiday season. They are soft and gooey, making them a delicious addition to the dessert table for many families. A bit of nutmeg can make all the difference and surprise guests that come over.

The dough is thick, soft, and sticky. It can be frozen well, meaning that it can be prepared beforehand for baking when needed. Ana L. Avendano says that if there’s any unique and flavorful dish to serve at the holidays, signature eggnog snickerdoodles are the way to go for a seasonal treat.

Ana L Avendano

Cranberry Brie Bites

Ana L. Avendano says that cranberries can be a delicious appetizer or a great way to finish off a meal. Cranberry brie bites are simple and delicious. Soft and creamy brie mixed with cranberry sauce, pistachios and a flaky puff pastry make for a tasty treat at the table. It’s sure to be a holiday favorite with family and friends after one bite.

Ana Avendano, attorney explains that the rind of the brie can be left on or removed, while the cranberry bites can be frozen to make them last longer. The recipe is highly customizable. If there are nut allergies in the family, swap the pistachios for another delectable topping. Prefer a different seasonal sauce? No problem – Unique, custom food – your way!

In Conclusion

Adding something new to the table can be wildly enticing. Spicing up the holiday palate is a great way to try new flavors and develop culinary skills. From the appetizers to the entrées, there’s something for everyone to sample this holiday season.

Trying dishes from different parts of the world with new ingredients can open up limitless possibilities to share and be thankful for. Before pulling out all the same recipes again this year, why not add something new?

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