With all the funding for infrastructure and resiliency projects coming from federal and state governments, Downbeach towns want to be ready when manna drops from the heavens. Two Downbeach communities have increased contracts to secure grant funding in 2023.

James M. Rutala of Rutala Associates of Linwood has been instrumental over the last few years securing federal and state grants to upgrade bulkheads, install pump stations, and even plant native pollinator species. Grants Rutala secured range from small grants for local green team projects, to large grants to protect private properties from flooding.

Most recently, Rutala successfully secured hundreds of thousands of dollars from a private funding source that benefits all three municipalities.

Ocean Wind 1 established a $15 million trust after the Board of Public Utilities selected Ocean Wind 1 to erect the state’s first offshore wind farm, and Rutala successfully obtained funding for resiliency projects in Ventnor, Margate and Longport.

Ventnor received $546,003 to replace 500 linear feet of failing bulkhead that protects residences and water infrastructure along Winchester Avenue. The project includes roadway reconstruction, sidewalks and curbs.

Margate received $446,880 to construct a new submersible stormwater pump station at Adams and Amherst avenues and construct a sewer interconnection from Washington Avenue to an underground vault.

Longport received $368,750 to replace and upgrade stormwater pipes along Winchester Avenue and sections of 34th Avenue. The project includes replacing pumping equipment and constructing a new pump station at 31st Avenue and the bay.

He was also able to secure state funding for Ventnor and Longport to move forward with the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, and to purchase EVs.

Both Margate and Longport revised their budget line items to ensure Rutala can apply for future rounds of funding from federal and state sources.

Due to the extent of the work that will be required to secure outside funding for local projects, Longport amended its contract with Rutala, adding $20,000 to the amount Rutala received in 2022. The 2023 contract is not to exceed $30,000.

Margate added $5,000 to Rutala’s 2022 contract, which totaled $24,000.

Ventnor issued Rutala a $30,000 contract in August for FEMA management services.


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