Brad Schaeffer has served as the President of MedComp Sciences since 2012. MedComp Sciences is the industry leader in personalized medicine. Based in Zachary, Louisiana, the company focuses on healthcare innovation that exceeds the expectations of both medical providers and patients. In the following article, a brief overview of the company and the services they provide is discussed.

By constantly striving for cost-effective, high-quality, and timely laboratory services, Brad Schaeffer and MedComp Sciences offer superior patient-based solutions to all healthcare establishments, including clinics and hospitals.

Brad Schaeffer and the Team Behind MedComp Sciences

The robust product and service offerings are backed by a team of highly trained and experienced geneticists, toxicologists, and PharmDs. With their extensive medical backgrounds, they’ve developed a multitude of services that have already changed the way healthcare providers treat patients.

Personalized wellness is a relatively fresh concept, especially in the traditional medical field. Thus, MedComp Sciences is the pioneer of a very bright and healthy future.

MedComp Sciences Provides Molecular COVID-19 Testing

When the pandemic was rife around the world, Brad Schaeffer and MedComp Sciences were on the frontlines providing esteemed COVID-19 tests, and the company continues to do so to this day.

The company provides two main types of tests to detect coronavirus, giving healthcare providers a choice based on their patients’ specific needs.

Active Infection Genetic Testing

The first type of test finds microscopic traces of the virus itself, letting patients know if they are currently infected. It’s the gold standard of testing for infections, but it was brought to light amid the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

A swab is taken from the patient’s nose or throat. It’s then tested in a laboratory or at the clinic where the sample was collected.
The virus’ genetic material (called RNA) is extracted and purified. It’s converted to DNA, a stable version of the genetic structure, which keeps parts of COVID-19’s genetics.

Then, the DNA is mixed with primers, and the results are determined by a qualified analyst to decide whether the patient has coronavirus.

Immune Response Antibody Testing

The second test involves collecting a blood sample to gather information about how a patient’s body reacts to infection or COVID-19 vaccinations.

Unlike the previous test, Brad Schaeffer and MedComp Sciences’ immune response antibody testing doesn’t tell people whether they’re currently infected. Instead, it’s simply an information-gathering tool used when:

  • Someone had COVID-19 symptoms but wasn’t tested.
  • Someone had a severe reaction to the initial coronavirus vaccination.
  • A person had a COVID-19 infection in the past and donated plasma.

Brad Schaeffer and Medcomp Sciences

Therapeutic Medication and Substance Monitoring for Complete Health and Well-Being

Brad Schaeffer and MedComp Sciences understand that the key to unlocking overall health and well-being lies in the intimate understanding of patients’ bodies and how they react to specific treatments.

The company’s therapeutic medication and substance monitoring services help healthcare providers determine whether they’re offering the excellent care to their patients.

These tests report information on people’s metabolic medication levels to ensure accurate dosing. But they also track the levels of prescribed medications involved in a treatment plan.

Through bloodwork, saliva analysis, and urine samples, Brad Schaeffer and MedComp Sciences test for over 90 drugs and metabolites via the liquid chromatography or dual mass spectrometry methods.

The turnaround time is exceptional, and the company even provides guidance on how healthcare providers can implement their findings into treatment programs.

The goal? To ensure patients are properly taking their prescribed medications to avoid abuse, misuse, or diversions with other substances that could be affecting their overall health and well-being.

For best results, Brad Schaeffer and MedComp Sciences suggest patients and providers combine medication and substance monitoring with the company’s specialist DNA insights.

DNA Insights for Lifelong Impacts

The firm has developed a one-time pharmacogenetics test that provides patients with a lifetime of health-related answers. The test dives into the body’s genetically driven responses to various medications, profiling individuals to ensure optimum treatment efficiency.

It offers information about a person’s reaction to over 150 medicines, the perfect dosages depending on their metabolism, and which drugs they should avoid.

Currently, the company offers two types of DNA testing — OPRM1 (polymorphism A118G of opioid receptor mu 1) and MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase).

The reports created from the unique genetic tests are easy to interpret and, thus, put into practice with patients’ primary care providers.

As Brad Schaeffer of MedComp Sciences says, “it’s one simple test that can impact the rest of a patient’s life.”

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