Ventnor Mayor Beth Maccagnano Holtzman.


VENTNOR – Mayor Beth Holtzman today announced when she will step down from public office. The date has special meaning to the mayor, who is relying in her faith to see her through a difficult time.

“My official date to step down will be Feb. 7,” she said Saturday morning. “The number seven’s meaning in the Bible represents ‘completion.’”

Her last meeting as a member of the Board of Commissioners will be Thursday, Jan. 26.

Holtzman said leaving the dais and the city is “one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.”

She also announced her resignation date on her personal Facebook page, which was followed immediately by well-wishers in the community who believe she has done a good job as mayor. Within two hours of her post, there were 80 comments wishing her the best and thanking her for her service.

Phrases used to describe her seven-year tenure as the city’s top official include “an amazing run,” “you made a difference,” and “never a wallflower.”

Holtzman is known for her forthrightness and humor.

Commissioner Lance Landgraf said it will likely be an emotional meeting for Holtzman, perhaps including some tears, but that she should rest on her accomplishments and be proud of her leadership in the community.

Holtzman, who has been a resident of Ventnor for more than 50 years, said earlier this week that selling her Ventnor Heights home is a requirement of her divorce agreement with David Holtzman, and that she will likely seek housing in an offshore community.

“Leaving Ventnor is breaking my heart,” she said “I truly believe God puts us where he wants us to be for a reason.”

The meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 26 at Ventnor City Hall and on Zoom. Access information is available on the city’s website,


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