Provided/Stockton University President Harvey Kesselman, left, and Professor Emeritus Michael Frank sign an agreement establishing The Michael and Maureen Frank Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Psychology.

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP – Psychology Professor Emeritus Michael Frank and his wife Maureen of Absecon has endowed a new Stockton University Foundation scholarship with their gift of more than $50,000. The Michael and Maureen Frank Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Psychology was established to inspire recipients to conduct and publish psychological research.  

“The scholarship was conceived as a way to encourage and invite our very best students to conduct their own investigations,” Frank said. “We are delighted to help students do great work with the assistance of Stockton faculty.”

Frank began his career at Stockton in the psychology program in 1977. The program has a successful history of preparing students for a variety of careers as university researchers, professors, clinicians, managers and primary and secondary school teachers.

“There is no better way to prepare the professionals of tomorrow than to bring students into our labs and projects to assist in finding hints to help understand behavior and thought,” Frank said.

Throughout his tenure at Stockton, Frank saw many first generation students struggle financially as they worked to complete their education.

“Anything that can help them achieve their goals is welcome. Gifts to the Stockton Foundation are vital for this to work. I hope every graduate will consider even a small, regular contribution,” he said.

Frank loved teaching and helping students reach their full potential. Through this endowment, he will continue to support Stockton students in perpetuity.

“It is our hope that offering a small incentive, as well as the recognition of the psychology program, will encourage students to continue along this rocky path of scientific exploration. It is neither easy nor quick, but immensely rewarding,” he said.

The Stockton University Foundation scholarship program is supported by Stockton alumni, faculty, staff, parents and community members. Gifts are welcomed to honor loved ones, build existing scholarships or create new opportunities. For more information, contact the Stockton University Foundation at 609-626-3546 or

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