Duane Thorne of Smithville wishes everyone a happy and healthy new year. The calendar turning to January is exciting for many reasons, but as an avid golfer, Duane Thorne of Smithville loves how a new year means a new golf season is just around the corner. While we have a few cold and blustery months to get through yet, it won’t be long before we are back to scheduling tee times and working on our game. Today, Duane Thorne of Smithville will offer some golf tips that can help you enjoy your lowest scores yet in the spring of 2023.

There are still a few months left in the offseason, which means there is still time to upgrade golf equipment. One thing that really changed the way Duane Thorne of Smithville felt out on the golf course was getting his clubs fitted the first time. A lot of golfers start out using clubs from a family member or just purchasing whatever set offers the best price. In order to elevate one’s game, having fitted golf clubs can make a lot of difference. If a golfer has fitted clubs already, they still may want to look at customizing the grips of the clubs. Heading to the local golf store and testing out different grips can open up some new and exciting options. Confidence is an essential element to scoring well on the golf course. Properly fitted clubs provide an instant boost in comfort, which leads to comfort on the links.

Duane Thorne of Smithville conducts a self-assessment of his golf game every offseason. This process allows Duane Thorne to document the biggest strengths and weaknesses in his game. Understanding weaknesses makes it a lot easier to set practical goals for improvement. In his experience, the broader a golf goal, the more difficult it is to achieve. Real improvement can be made throughout a golf season by honing in on a particular flaw. There are so many golf fanatics that those who can’t fit in time for lessons can still watch YouTube videos in their free time that are focused on whatever a golfer is looking to improve upon.

Much attention is put on the materials a golfer plays with for a good reason, but the body is just as important as the clubs. The offseason is the perfect time to work on flexibility training. Flexibility training cannot only lead to a more powerful golf swing off the tee, but it can help in recovery during the season. When you feel good, you play well. Duane Thorne of Smithville only prioritizes warming up on the course as well. Some basic stretches can have a real impact on a final score.

The most ignored skill in golfing amongst recreational players is learning how to read a green properly. Understanding how to read a green properly can make an enormous difference on a golfer’s ability to two-putt consistently. When a golfer heads to the practice green, they should not just putt the ball. They should get down in a squatting position and attempt to read the green. Identifying where the breaks are and what miscalculations were made can help a golfer improve their green reading ability.

Finally, Duane Thorne of Smithville recommends visualization to all golfers looking to shave a few strokes off their final score. Visualizing how a golfer will approach each hole and what may change if they end up in the rough or near a hazard can prepare them for any challenge they may face on the course. This preparation can lead to a less stressful golf experience as the player is ready in any situation.

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