Provided/Workers are erecting scaffolding around Longport’s smily-faced water tower. Painting the interior and exterior of the water tower is expected to be completed by the end of April.

LONGPORT – The borough issued an update Wednesday, Feb. 1 on the status of interior and exterior renovations being done on the smiley-faced water tower.

The tower is currently undergoing interior renovations. Dry work has been completed and the interior of the water tower has been primed for painting.

Although the Longport Public Works Department has been working vigilantly to maintain constant pressure throughout the work period, residents may experience some fluctuation in water pressure and discoloration during the renovation period. To regulate water pressure, the Public Works Department at certain times may find it necessary to release water through fire hydrants.

Residents are advised that discoloration of their water is temporary and they should let the water run until it clears. It is best to avoid washing light colored clothing until the water color clears.

Exterior work will begin soon and scaffolding is currently being erected outside of the water tower to accommodate exterior painting. Renovation of the water tower is scheduled to be completed by April 30.

If you experience a water emergency during regular business hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday), contact the Longport Public Works Department at 609-823-2731, ext. 114.

If you experience a water emergency after hours, contact the Longport Police Department by calling 609-822-2141.

Longport Happy Face water tower.

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