1. Texas – The Lone Star State has something everyone can enjoy. There’s no denying that Christopher Precopia ranks Texas as the top food state in large part to its barbecue, steaks, and Tex-Mex dishes. Still, there’s so much more to enjoy than the classics people hear about whenever a Texas sports team plays on national television. Each major Texas city is a culinary destination. Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio have all seen the dynamics of their populations change. New and exciting dishes have been made available as new cultures have worked their way into the city.

2. New York – No state attracts the top chefs in the world quite like New York, thanks to New York City. Still, diners don’t need to enter a five-star Manhattan restaurant to experience great food in New York. The Big Apple is the undisputed king of bagels, fresh fish is caught off of Long Island daily, and Buffalo deserves some applause as the country’s leader in the wing game. So while a classic slice of New York pizza will always be the first thing Christopher Precopia gravitates to when he visits New York, it’s also a blast to walk through China Town or enjoy an old-fashioned breakfast at a local diner.

3. Louisiana – When New Orleans is located within your state, you will rank amongst the best culinary destinations in the world. New Orleans not only has classics like muffuletta, po’boys, and beignets, which have been served at classic restaurants for decades, but it has also been one of the most significant destinations for young chefs. Louisiana’s restaurants feature cuisine inspired by French, Spanish, or African roots. The abundance of local seafood and the region’s affinity for space makes some seriously flavorful dishes. You won’t find Cajun or Creole cuisine as delicious anywhere else in the country.

4. California – California is an incredible state for food because it has many great resources for chefs. The agriculture industry is booming in California, so the ingredients to your favorite dishes are incredibly fresh. Christopher Precopia loves that on the same day, you can experience tacos inspired by Mexican cuisine and then move on to sushi from chefs who have recently immigrated from Japan. Los Angeles is right behind New York in attracting the country’s top chefs. Oh, and Wine Country. Did Christopher Precopia mention wine country? There are incredible local wines to pair with any dish you wish.

5. Illinois – When Christopher Precopia thinks of Illinois cuisine, he believes in indulgence. Chicago is the star of the Illinois culinary scene. Travelers from across the globe come to try a traditional deep-dish pizza, but that’s just the tip of the culinary iceberg. Pierogis, corndogs, sausages, pork tenderloin, hot beef sandwiches, and more keep the residents of Illinois warm on a cold winter’s night. No traveler ever leaves Illinois hungry.

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