Tedd Gullickson is a lifelong music educator and a proponent of mental wellness. Tedd Gullickson notes that music is an art form that people have been utilizing in every corner of the world for centuries. Whether understood or not, people who have played instruments have always enhanced their mood and improved their brain functionality through playing music.

Anyone who picks up an instrument, from a skilled player to a novice, can reap the benefits of homing in on an instrument. Plenty of studies have revealed that in the digital age, stress levels are on the rise. The majority of people are locked into their phones, tablets, or computers for the majority of the day. This places a lot of stress on our minds. Music provides the perfect opportunity to disconnect and refocus the mind.

Anxiety is by far the leading cause of mental illness in America. Learning an instrument is an excellent alternative to meditation. When our concentration is focused on a singular thing, it gives us a sense of calm and removes negative thoughts. Sometimes, the brain needs a break from daily stress.

Learning an instrument can also help those who battle depression. Medical experts will often suggest that those struggling with depression listen to music to boost their mood and reduce anxiety. The mental health benefits increase more when the person is playing the instrument. Again, the benefits come from immersing oneself in the music. Our thoughts are compelling and can snowball, whether positive or negative. When things feel overwhelming, shifting the thoughts to focus solely on an instrument can be an excellent tool for relief.

Tedd Gullickson knows the brain benefits from the stimulation of practicing an instrument. Learning an instrument requires both the left and right sides of the brain. It requires a great deal of patience. Patience is a skill we can all benefit from in the classroom, at our jobs, or even in our relationships. Even those who don’t have a diagnosed mental health issue like anxiety or depression can benefit from some of the life lessons that learning an instrument provides. When you hear a great musician, you are listen to sounds from a lifetime of practice.

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