Tricia Stitzel, formerly of Tupperware, was the company’s first female CEO. In the following article, Tricia Stitzel discusses some of the best women in leadership conferences happening in 2023 and why attending one is beneficial for female business professionals.

Women from all walks of life have collaborated to assemble engaging leadership conferences that gather experts, influencers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Despite their diverging backgrounds, the motive these female leaders share is a unified one: to promote and celebrate opportunities.

Tricia Stitzel, formerly of Tupperware, says that now is the time to start planning for a year of personal growth and development!

The 19th Women’s Leadership Summit

Tricia Stitzel reports that though this leadership summit takes place in Canada, the conference is available in a hybrid format for those not able to travel. The 19th Women’s Leadership Summit is an exciting two-day event packed with influential speakers and engaging activities. This dynamic experience focuses on essential topics like business management, communication and networking, personal development, mental health promotion, work/life balance optimization, and career advancement.

Tricia Stitzel explains that during this groundbreaking event, attendees will be able to connect with successful role models in their field and enjoy interactive workshops, presentations, and networking opportunities. It’s the ideal chance for women to expand their careers by strengthening their knowledge base and learn powerful techniques that can be applied right away.

This event will take place on April 20th and 21st 2023 in Toronto.

Women Inspire 2023

Tricia Stitzel says that Women Inspire 2023, otherwise referred to as the Forum for Women in Business and Leadership, is a revolutionary event that brings together some of today’s most innovative female business leaders. This gathering seeks to provide an opportunity for women from all backgrounds to connect, educate one another, and be empowered on their journeys toward success.

This one-day event provides women the chance to learn from key figures such as parliament members, entrepreneurs, and students. The presenters will provide invaluable advice on becoming a successful leader in an individuals’ field. Attendees will also have the rare opportunity to interact with senior professionals from all corners of the globe – so don’t miss out!

The Women Inspire 2023 event is scheduled for March 10th and is another event held in Toronto.

2023 Simmons Leadership Conference

Tricia Stitzel, formerly of Tupperware, reports that Simmons University invites individuals to attend its two-day leadership conference promoting the progression of women in leadership roles. Join esteemed thought leaders and senior professionals as they explore valuable topics such as gender parity, effective communication techniques, and crafting unbeatable teams! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity for personal growth and professional development.

This event provides the perfect setting for attendees to cultivate their leadership skills and abilities through interactive workshops, panel discussions, and networking sessions. Looking to excel as a leader in your field of work? Or, looking to make valuable connections with thought leaders from all industries? If so, then this is the ideal opportunity to do just that.

The conference will take place in Boston on March 14th but can also be accessed remotely.

Tricia Stitzel Tupperware

Spark Women’s Leadership Conference

Tricia Stitzel, formerly of Tupperware, explains that women in leadership roles can benefit from the two-day virtual Spark Women’s Leadership Conference that takes place annually in Canada. Over 25 expert speakers and panelists will grace this event, many of them being successful entrepreneurs, executives, and prominent creators themselves. This is a great opportunity to learn more about leading effectively, and efficiently.

The Spark Women’s Leadership Conference boldly encourages attendees to make an imprint in the world through topics such as self-reliance, adaptability, and incorporation. With this event, participants will discover ways to enhance their teams via diversity and be influenced by groundbreaking role models who are changing lives.

Tricia Stitzel reports that this event is scheduled for May 17th and 18th in Fort St. John, British Columbia.

Why Attend Women in Leadership Conferences

Tricia Stitzel says that if individuals want to become successful leaders in their field, attending women-in-leadership conferences is an excellent way to stay informed of the most recent trends, and acquire invaluable skills and knowledge, while establishing valuable connections with influential people while learning from inspiring role models.

These events will provide women with the key resources needed to make a professional career more successful. Additionally, these events are an ideal setting for networking and developing invaluable professional relationships while encouraging personal growth. With these tools, it’s time to take the next step towards success.

Final Thoughts

Ready to take your leadership and management skills to the next level? Don’t miss out on one (or more) of these amazing women in leadership conferences! This could be the steppingstone needed to truly make an impactful mark on the world!

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