Gary Pascual is a cycling enthusiast who cannot wait for the spring season. While you can still get out and enjoy a ride during the winter, it’s much more enjoyable to cycle in the spring. Knowing that many people will start up a cycling habit during the spring months, Gary Pascual will be providing some tips that he wishes he had known when he first got started. Gary Pascual is confident that anyone who follows this guidance will develop a lifelong love of cycling.

Gary Pascual on Cycling Gear

There are plenty of clothes designed for cyclists that are stylish as well, but Gary Pascual recommends focusing on function over fashion every time. The first thing any cyclist needs is a great pair of padded shorts. Spending more on padded shorts is a worthy investment as it will help eliminate any discomfort as you progress to longer rides. While you don’t want to be frugal when it comes to padded shorts, cycling helmets are going to need to meet safety guidelines in order to be sold in stores. For this reason, you can trust just about any price tag on your cycling helmet, so be sure to go with the one that fits snugly but comfortably.  While no one loves wearing a helmet, it is required in most states by law. In addition to a safety helmet, Gary Pascual recommends new riders wear knee pads and a good pair of riding gloves. Mastering turns takes time. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Cycling sunglasses are another key investment for cycling enthusiasts. It’s not just the sun a cyclist needs to be worried about. Cycling glasses protect the eyes from dirt, debris, bugs, and rain.

Gary Pascual on Bike Maintenance

Anyone who takes the plunge and buys a bicycle built for speed cycling needs to protect that investment with some routine maintenance. One of the best things a cyclist can do for their bicycle is to invest in chain lube. When riding on a dirt road or through puddles, a bike chain can collect dirt, which can hurt its ability to function and cause it to wear down faster than it should. Properly lubricating the chain is one of the best ways to keep this expensive portion of a bike clean. When going out for a ride, a cyclist should always have a hand pump on hand. Most bikes will actually have a place to lock in a simple pump that can inflate the tires when a cyclist finds themselves in a jam. Most deflation comes as a result of a puncture. Gary Pascual recommends learning how to patch a puncture so that no cyclist is left walking their bike back to their car or home for miles. Bicycles are similar to cars in that they can benefit from regular washes. All it takes is some hot soapy water and a sponge to wipe away any excess dirt and debris that accumulates after a few rides.

Gary Pascual On Fueling Your Body

No one wants to feel bloated during a long bike ride, but it is important that the body is properly fueled before heading out on a cycling excursion. Gary Pascual finds that he feels the best on rides when he eats a little bit at a time for a longer period of time. Mixing in a few bites of a power bar throughout a long ride is a great way to give the muscles the nutrients they need to maximize their performance. While a water bottle is a must, Gary Pascual recommends filling it with a beverage that packs in electrolytes.  Hydration is vital to avoiding cramps and replenishing electrolytes can help any rider avoid that issue.

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