The ‘Margate Deserves Better’ team, from left, Calvin Tesler, Aaron Singer and Patrice ‘Tish’ Calvarese.

MARGATE – Calvin Tesler, Aaron Singer and Patrice “Tish” Calvarese filed petitions Monday to run for Margate City Commission in the May non-partisan municipal election under the slogan “Margate Deserves Better.”

They will face off against the “Experience & Vision for Margate’s Future” team that includes Commissioner Maury Blumberg, Board of Education President Cathy Horn and businessman Michael Collins in the May 9 Board of Commissioners election.

Tesler, Singer, and Calvarese contend that the current administration has failed Margate residents by approving rampant over-building, raising taxes and giving their family members high paying patronage jobs in the Margate City government.

“Margate has always been a residential community by the sea and the current mayor and commissioners have approved building projects that are destroying the residential character of our community,” Calvarese said in a release..

“Margate municipal taxes have increased 46% since Mayor Michael Becker and Commissioner Maury Blumberg were first elected in 2007,” Singer said.

According to the NJ Department of Community Affairs, the Margate City municipal tax levy has increased from $17,394,435 in 2007 to $25,353,714 in 2022.

“The current Commissioners in Margate have used their political office to enrich their family members and their developer friends at the expense of Margate homeowners. Margate deserves better from our elected officials,” Tesler said.

Tesler is a professor of history and writing. In 2021. He received the Writing Arts Award for Excellence in Teaching from Rowan University. He also serves as vice-president of Shirat Hayam synagogue.

Singer is a Certified Public Accountant and has served as a chief financial officer in the private sector. He is a founding member of The Rose House, which builds residences for developmentally disabled adults, and he has served in numerous community and charitable organizations.

Calvarese is an experienced IT executive in academic medicine. Her work at DrexelMed includes cybersecurity and health information technology. Calvarese volunteers her time as a patient advocate for local seniors. She and her husband John are parishioners at Holy Trinity Parish.

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