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Donna Hurley of Fresno is a healthcare professional who works in senior care at an assisted living facility. In the following article, Donna Hurley explores the five main benefits an older individual can have by participating in a senior living environment. Donna Hurley also discusses how senior living centers can help older Americans age in place and age well.

Getting older has been one of the most bittersweet topics to broach since the dawn of time! Understanding how to grow old well and what resources are available to facilitate that goal can be tricky. Donna Hurley of Fresno says that the question many people ask is what are the connections between healthy aging and senior living?

According to, living independently as one ages and inevitable changes in physical health can lead to safety concerns. Utilizing the benefits of senior living can improve the quality of life in an older individual specifically by maintaining and even improving both physical and mental health explains Donna Hurley of Fresno.

Benefits of Senior Living

Senior living can cause those presented with the option to feel a myriad of uncertain feelings. It is not often that the idea of leaving one’s home to live more dependently is received as a good thing. However, Donna Hurley of Fresno says that taking a look at the benefits of senior living environments below can shine a light on all the great things that can come out of the decision to participate in one!

  1. Well Being Care – Living in an assisted senior environment can promote not only the care of the body, but also the care of the inner self. This is accomplished by having help in meeting sleep goals, dietary goals, and even participating in activities that stretch the body to more healthy states.
  2. Sense of Safety – Peace of mind and its importance when it comes to aging well cannot be overstated. According to Donna Hurley of Fresno, stress is one of the main shorteners of life. When in an assisted care environment, older individuals do not have to worry about being alone in an emergency or the everyday “what-ifs” that might come with age-related forgetfulness.
  3. Social Support – A sense of community can be increased and maintained within a senior living environment. There are professionals who work together with the elders at a living center, but there are also neighbors and structured activities that seniors can share experiences within a new phase of life!
  4. Family Caregivers Relieved – Those who have a busy schedule or need that extra helping hand when it comes to caring for their senior relatives can find some of the same peace of mind and sense of safety by sharing the responsibility with professionals at these facilities explains Donna Hurley of Fresno.
  5. Health Accommodations – Unlike the average home or apartment, senior care environments are built with specific health concerns and needs in mind for those 55 and older. Not only that, but the more difficult tasks of maintaining care of a house or apartment are lifted so that a senior can focus on their own wellbeing.

Donna Hurley FresnoHow Senior Living Centers Can Help Older Americans Age in Place and Age Well

Healthy living for older Americans is no small task to accomplish explains Donna Hurley of Fresno. Not only do increased risks of disease and terminal illnesses need to be taken into account, but it is important to remember that emotional tolls are just as influential over the health of an older person.

After all, loneliness, or a lack of a sense of purpose are just as much to blame for the depression or anxiety that affects a healthy aging process in adults. Senior living centers remove much of the burden of independent living that contribute to these states of mind.

Donna Hurley of Fresno says that an older American can rest easy in the knowledge that they no longer have to mow their lawn, change their air conditioning filters, or engage in other daily examples of stressful errands. Instead, they are provided for with professional levels of care for these, and many other services.

In addition, Donna Hurley of Fresno explains that assisted living centers provide easy access to the opportunity for older Americans to not only focus on their mental and physical health, but to gain the life-giving community that allows them to age with joy and hope.

In Conclusion

In summary, healthy aging, and aging well, is possible when the benefits of senior living centers are considered. These benefits are a depletion of worries and stressors thanks to a stable living environment and professional care, as well as an ease of the responsibility on possible family caregivers.

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