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Devin Doyle of Newport Beach is an entrepreneur and business owner of Response Fire Supply. In the following article, Devin Doyle discusses three ways that a commercial sprinkler system is capable of reducing the chances of total loss in a fire scenario, as well as why proper maintenance and use is essential to this benefit.

There is nothing more nightmarish than the idea of losing not only one’s home, but a complete loss of all personal belongings in a fire. This is an issue relevant to both home and business owners. If there are doubts about installing a commercial sprinkler system, Devin Doyle of Newport Beach says that they can be relieved by learning how commercial sprinkler systems can prevent a total loss in these situations.

According to Devin Doyle, automatic extinguisher systems which are otherwise known as commercial sprinklers are effective in preventing complete losses because they can provide protection 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and are designed to prevent the spread of fires in an early stage of combustion, while only activating near the fire itself.

Complete Fire Protection

In order to avoid the horrifying results of an accidental fire, Devin Doyle of Newport Beach explains that business owners should make sure their building is equipped with a commercial sprinkler system. These systems are proven to prevent complete or catastrophic losses if a fire should ever break out.

Devin Doyle takes a closer look at each of these reasons below, which provide effective safety in protecting both life and property from fire damage.

Commercial Sprinkler Systems Provide 24-Hour Vigilance

No one can claim to be able to prevent or even be on guard against fires for all 24 hours of every day. This means that there is always a slight risk that a fire can develop without knowledge of it, growing and spreading until it devours possessions and investments at catastrophic levels.

However, Devin Doyle says that a commercial sprinkler system never sleeps. It is a system is always “on watch”, and as long as it is properly maintained, it can be ready to douse a fire at any moment. Aside from needing occasional maintenance, a commercial sprinkler system does not need to be monitored or manned.

Commercial Sprinkler Systems Are Designed to Stop Early Fires

Devin Doyle explains that the best way to prevent a total fire loss is to keep any fire that breaks out contained and halted before it ever gets out of control. However, as previously mentioned, without commercial sprinkler systems, it is often the case that where fires begin are not noticed in early stages until it is too late.

Luckily the way a commercial sprinkler system works is by noticing a temperature shift above 154 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature shift typically occurs early enough in the spread of a blaze for a sprinkler head to activate and contain, if not completely kill the fire, before the complete loss of the business.

Commercial Sprinkler Systems Only Activate Where Needed

Sometimes, the risk of damaging property via water sprayed by sprinkler systems seems too great, even when compared to the danger of fires. However, this concern can be dropped when one realizes that commercial sprinkler systems only release water through the sprinkler head closest to the location of high temperatures.

Devin Doyle newport beachHow to Properly Maintain Commercial Sprinkler Systems

It is just as important to properly maintain a commercial sprinkler system as it is to have one installed in the first place. To do this, contact local fire professionals for weekly inspections of control valves and deluge system gauges.

Every month, these professionals should also inspect the gauges of the commercial sprinkler’s wet pipes and alarm valves.

Finally, a quarterly inspection should be made of hydraulic nameplates, alarm devices, and a test of the waterflow alarm and main drains.

This prevents a malfunction that might cause trust in sprinkler systems to wind up being tragically misplaced.

In Conclusion

In summary, the importance of a commercial sprinkler system in preventing total loss in a fire scenario cannot be overstated. Not only do commercial sprinkler systems supply 24-hour fire vigilance, but they are calibrated to slow a blaze before it gets out of control and optimized for efficiency by only activating sprinkler heads closest to high temperatures.

However, it is equally important to remember that a sprinkler system’s benefits are only as good as the quality of maintenance performed on them. Contact a local fire professional monthly, if not weekly, to ensure this.

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