As a person who has enjoyed numerous benefits to daily meditation, Boaz Inspektor is often told by friends or family members that they can’t meditate no matter how hard they try. Instead of trying harder to meditate, Boaz Inspektor recommends finding the meditation practice that works for the individual. While traditional meditation (focusing on the breath) and Buddhism gave Boaz Inspektor some much-needed peace, there are many other forms of meditation that can bring a wave of calm over an individual. Today, Boaz Inspektor will touch on a few different ways people can meditate without closing their eyes and breathing in and out.

Adult Coloring Books

The root cause of the benefits of meditation comes from quieting the mind. In the digital age, there are a billion distractions at all times. It’s difficult to focus on a singular task, but adult coloring books can help. Boaz Inspektor recommends placing the phone in a different room and finding a nice quiet location to color. There’s been a recent boom in the popularity of adult coloring books as countless adults have found that regular coloring has helped reduce their stress and anxiety levels. Any activity that immerse one’s attention can help set aside negative thoughts. When it’s just the individual and the task at hand, there’s no choice but to live in the moment. This is what meditation is all about.

Music Meditation

Boaz Inspektor completely understands how difficult it can be to quiet the mind. Even after years of daily meditation, there are days when meditation takes considerable effort to perform. One great way to introduce a person to meditation is by leveraging music. Many modern music composers work to create music that aids people who are practicing meditation. By focusing on the music, the mind is once again drawn to the current moment. A lot of concertgoers experience a meditative state as a community as the crowd grows united in following the music.

Walking Meditation

Boaz Inspektor is a big proponent of walking meditation. When people head out for walks in nature, they often rely on their headphones to get them through their walk. Walking meditation asks the walker to stay completely focused on their surroundings. Yes, this starts with focusing on putting one foot in front of the other, but it is much more than that. Walkers looking to experience mindfulness need to retain complete awareness of every thought that arises, every pain they may feel, and every bead of sweat that appears on their brow. Meditation is not entirely about feeling joy; it’s simply feeling what is happening at the moment and approaching it without judgment. Boaz Inspektor recommends checking in with each part of the body and analyzing what one feels. Once they complete this exercise, they can observe the nature around them. The more a person practices walking meditation, the easier it will become. It’s a great way to exercise the mind and the body simultaneously.

Mindful Eating Practices

A great way to grow appreciation is to follow mindful eating practices. Mindful eating asks the person eating to consider every bite. The mind requires 20 minutes to register that a person is complete from eating. Mindful eating is where you savor each bite and feel the taste of every food chewed. Eaters consider the texture, smell, taste, and the experience of eating. When starting this practice, consider asking yourself a few questions. Questions like am I tasting every bite? Am I enjoying this meal? Does this food bring me joy or feelings of guilt? Am I adequately focused on the food? Of course, mindful eating practices are best observed when one is dining alone. It isn’t easy to focus on the food and a conversation with a friend or family. However, asking a few of these questions internally can lead to a person making better dietary decisions.

Boaz Inspektor hopes this help people realize that they can find meditation in many different activities. For example, a lot of athletes talk about a zen-like state they experience out on the court or during their time on the field. This is because the brain is entirely focused on a particular activity. So finding a source of escapism and focus can help anyone lower their stress level and increase their mental wellness.

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