Ishmael Alvarado of New York has been a lifelong proponent of the physical and mental benefits of roller skating. People are always clamoring for the next workout craze, and sometimes people have to look to the past to move forward. Across the United States, roller skating rinks are having a resurgence. In the wake of the pandemic, people are searching for ways to get more active and reconnect.

The New York resurgence has been particularly exciting for Ishmael Alvarado. Roller Wave House BK opened at the Atlantic Terminal Mall, directly across from the Barclays Center. Roller Wave House BK offers after-school programs for kids, moving meditation classes for adults, and mental health programs. After a sold-out run in Los Angeles last year, the DiscOasis is bringing disco home to its birthplace, celebrating New York City’s longtime roller-skating scene, community, inclusivity, and positivity right in Central Park. The famous Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace at Rockefeller Center is back in April as well for another season of roller skating in the heart of New York City.

People find that when they lace up their skates and get out on the rink, they are putting aside all of the stress that comes with daily life. Roller skating rinks let people break free from their worries and get lost in the music. The level of fun that can be had at a roller-skating rink is second to none if you ask Ishmael Alvarado of New York.

The mental health benefits of roller skating weren’t as widely reported at the zenith of the sport’s popularity, but it is now a quite literal movement. There are countless studies on the health benefits of meditation. Roller skating is active meditation. The benefits of traditional breathing meditation come from quieting the mind with a focus on the breath. Roller skating allows a person to quiet the mind by getting lost in the rhythm of the music as they roller skate around the rink.

In addition to the mental benefits, Ishmael Alvarado of New York notes that roller skating can be a great workout. Roller skating improves heart health, strengthens muscles, and burns calories. Every roller skater is getting a workout of the muscles in the core, the legs and the glutes. It’s also much easier on the knee joints than running on a treadmill or hitting the outside pavement. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to maintain a routine at a local gym because it simply isn’t enjoyable any longer. Roller skating offers a fun alternative to traditional workouts that keeps a person locked in because it is actually enjoyable.

Ishmael Alvarado of New York has always enjoyed the fact that roller skate dancing can be as complicated as one wants it to be. Each trip to the rink is an opportunity to test out a new move or grow one’s comfort level. The roller skating online community is always posting new videos of people taking on everything from triple spins to pushing speed limits that they didn’t previously think they can achieve. Each time a person achieves a new roller-skating goal, they are excited to push their skillset further.

Finally, Ishmael Alvarado of New York notes that he has never left a skating rink in a worse mood than when he entered the building. Everyone could use a natural mood booster that alleviates stress and the worries of everyday life. Roller skating can be the escape people need to find balance in their lives. If you haven’t joined the roller skating dance movement yet, make it a point to head to your local rink ASAP.

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