Sismai Roman Vazquez

Sismai Roman Vazquez has enjoyed working with many tremendous sales professionals throughout her career. While everyone has their unique style, particular characteristics reoccur amongst the most successful salespeople. Before diving into the list of personality traits, Sismai Roman Vazquez believes it is important to note that many of these characteristics do not come naturally to sales reps. Many behaviors are either learned or practiced to close more deals.

1. Passion

Sales professionals that can convey a genuine interest in the success of their clients will always have a leg up on the competition. The passionate sales rep doesn’t hide their interest in helping their clients succeed. To show genuine interest, sales reps need to actively listen and constantly move the conversation back to the client and their needs.

2. Confidence

A lack of confidence from a sales professional is a major red flag to a customer. Sismai Roman Vazquez notes that a sales rep who does not seem confident in what their selling shows the customer that they should not be interested in making a purchase. A sales rep who genuinely believes in the solution they offer will have a much easier time convincing a client of their product or services validity.

3. Opportunistic

Sismai Roman Vazquez believes that the best sales representatives are always aware of their surroundings. When opportunity knocks, the best sales reps answer the call. In other words, a person doesn’t need to be on the clock to know when they cross paths with a prospect. They are always willing to talk shop. Also, they understand that every action they make represents something to the person they are selling to. They maintain a level of professionalism at all times.

4. Subtle

Great salespeople make the person or people they are talking to forget that they are talking to someone trying to sell them a product or service. They don’t try to oversell or bluntly tell a person to buy now; they look to educate the prospect on their product or service and build a relationship based on trust.

5. Tough

A sales rep can do every aspect of their job correctly and still fail. There will be times when leads are doomed from the start. Sismai Roman Vazquez notes that sales reps must have tough skin. They must be willing to deal with adversity and not allow one bad experience to turn into a trend. Sometimes, this takes a shift in mindset. Instead of looking at a particular experience as a failure, a sales rep can benefit from considering it a learning opportunity. One of the things Sismai Vazquez loves the most about her profession is that there’s always room to grow and develop strengths. This tough mental mindset can make any obstacle yet another learning opportunity.

6. Organized

Sales is a highly fast-paced environment. Whether or not fast-paced equates to chaos is up to a person’s ability to stay organized. Sismai Roman Vazquez has witnessed sales reps thrive in a busy environment because they are not surprised by what’s coming next. They use the mornings and evenings to map out their day and stick to their goals and schedules. If a certain prospect demands more attention, they will carve out prep time so they are always prepared. Organization often breeds confidence because we all fear what we don’t know.

7. Persistent

It can be challenging to toe the line between persistent and annoying. Sismai Roman Vazquez believes persistence is shown through intention. There’s always a purpose to reaching out and value provided to the prospect. Competing for someone’s attention has never been more difficult. Sismai Roman Vazquez notes that the most successful sales reps maintain touch points with their prospects and ensure they understand the lines of communication are always open.

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