Margate Mayor Michael Becker thanks everyone involved in the Amherst Avenue Promenade and Bulkhead project. Commissioner John Amodeo in the background.


MARGATE – It was only a 10-minute meeting, but it included lots of love for Margate and the people who assisted the Board of Commissioners over the last 16 years.

First up was approving the 2023 municipal budget, which includes no increases in taxes for property owners for the 11th year in a row.

Expressions of gratitude followed from all three members of the board. Maury Blumberg, who was re-elected to his fifth, four-year term in last Tuesday’s hard fought election, said the city was very lucky to have Mayor Michael Becker and Commissioner John Amodeo involved in municipal government.

“I want to thank Mike for his 16 dedicated years of great service to the City of Margate. No one man cares more for Margate than Mike does,” Blumberg said.

He also thanked Amodeo for his lengthy commitment to public service, the last eight years of which were dedicated to Margate. Amodeo previously served as a councilman in Linwood and as a New Jersey assemblyman.

“Thank you, guys, for everything you do, will continue to do, and have done,” he said.

“It’s been full circle for me,” Amodeo said about ending his 22-year political career in Margate. “My first real full-time job was in 1964 on the Margate Beach Patrol and now I end my career eight years later as a commissioner in the city that we all love so much. It’s been nothing but a lot of joy, and some tough times that go with the territory, but also a lot of accomplishments.”

He touted his work helping to develop the city’s latest Master Plan and building the promenade on Amherst Avenue, “plus all the other stuff we accomplished collectively over the last eight years that I’ve been here.”

He congratulated Blumberg on a well-deserved victory and welcomed Blumberg’s running mates Michael Collins and Cathy Horn to the board.

“Experience and Vision for Margate’s Future” from left, Maury Blumberg, Cathy Horn and Michael Collins.

“I’m looking forward to some great things from the two of you, along with Maury, in the next four years. To have the next generation of commissioners coming onboard, I think is great for the City of Margate, with new fresh ideas, along with our staple, Maury,” Amodeo said.

In addition to acknowledging his wife and family, Amodeo credited the “great employees” who keep the municipal machine running smoothly.

“Without your family behind you, you can’t do the job we all have done,” Amodeo said.

As Commissioner of Public Safety and Community Affairs, Amodeo said he was very proud to have sworn-in so many firefighters and police officers hired through Civil Service.

Matthew R. Hankinson takes the oath of office as Chief of the Margate Police Department administered by Margate Commissioner John Amodeo while his mother Elaine Hankinson holds the Bible.

“One of the highest honors of my life was swearing in Police Chief Matthew Hankinson and Fire Chief Dan Adams. I know the city is in great shape. They do a great job, they run two great departments that service us 24 hours a day. Margate has a great team that has worked together for many years.”

Becker said he was very proud to have served the city for so many years. Prior to his election to the Board of Commissioners, he served on the Margate Board of Education for 22 years, many of them as president.

His family members turned out to see him preside over his very last meeting.

“I’d like to publicly thank my family. Life is about family. Nothing’s more important than that. My advice to everybody moving forward is, sure we’re going to have differences, it’s ok, be respectful, sit down at the table, work them out and move forward.”

Blumberg, Collins and Horn will be sworn-in at noon Tuesday, May 16.


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