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Robert Bremer of Ohio is a Certified Hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience in the space helping individuals find a healthier life and achieve personal improvement goals. He also assists with other issues such as feelings of abandonment, addiction, anxiety, insecurity, etc., and he empowers clients to tap into the power of their own minds to make positive changes. In the following article, Robert Bremer discusses how to cultivate inner connection with meditation and transcend into a realm of new opportunities.

Today, meditation is practiced both secularly and spiritually. Practitioners often laud the physical and mental benefits of meditation. However, there are also spiritual benefits that are less commonly mentioned.

When practiced in a spiritual or religious context, meditation can bring about spiritual growth, increased emotional well-being, and a greater sense of belonging. This is in addition to the benefits of secular meditation.

Robert Bremer of Ohio explains that practicing both mindfulness and spirituality is incredibly rewarding yet also difficult. To fulfill one’s spiritual needs requires time, patience, and tested methods such as those below.

Robert Bremer on How Mindfulness and Spirituality are Interconnected

To many, spirituality and mindfulness are two sides of the same coin. There is much overlap in the aspects of the two. This can be seen in how both concepts are defined, approached, and practiced.

Mindfulness is defined as being aware or conscious of something. This can be applied to anything from the circumstances of a specific moment in time to one’s place in the cosmos. All it requires is that one is conscious of an aspect of life.

Spirituality can be defined as being concerned with the soul or spirit. Robert Bremer of Ohio also states that this can take the form of being conscious of a greater power or seeking to understand where one belongs.

Clearly, mindfulness and spirituality can be connected by being conscious of one’s place in the universe being overseen by a greater power. As mindsets, they are quite simply interconnected.

Bob Bremer of Ohio notes that when one is seeking to grow their spiritual connection, no matter their beliefs, practicing mindfulness can be a great approach. Mindfulness can foster greater empathy, understanding of one’s self, and a sense of peace with the universe.

Ways to Connect and Transcend

While there are innumerable ways to practice mindfulness and spirituality, meditation is by far the most common. Considering the fact that humanity has been practicing meditation for thousands of years there are many variations.

What sets these variations apart is the method by which a meditative state is achieved. Some require strict focus while others do not. Robert Bremer of Ohio explains, with that aside, they all have similar benefits. What matters most is each individual’s dedication to the practice.

Another important factor is the goal of the individual practicing meditation. Seeking spiritual growth for example will influence the experience.

Robert Bremer OhioMindfulness Meditation

The practice of Mindfulness Meditation is a way to train oneself to be aware. This method can resemble traditional seated meditation though it does not have to reports Robert Bremer of Ohio.

When one practices mindfulness, one must be conscious of the current moment without judgment. This is often accomplished by being mindful of the body. One of the most common body mindfulness practices is watching one’s breath. Another is performed by body scanning.

Alternatively, Mindfulness Meditation can be performed by being mindful of external input such as sounds or smells.

Robert Bremer of Ohio says that this practice is rooted in some of the oldest meditation methods. Many are said to date back to Buddha.

Christian Devotion Meditation

Another mindfulness and spiritual practice is that of Christian Devotion Meditation. While this practice has a religious focus, its methods promote conscious thought and self-awareness.

Robert Bremer of Ohio says that this method involves several practices including meditative prayer, meditating over scripture, and self-awareness. Meditative prayer is similar to Transcendental Meditation in that the practitioner repeats a prayer to themself with their eyes closed.

Final Thoughts

The concepts of mindfulness and spirituality are easy to define but difficult to fully comprehend and practice. Whichever practice one approaches it takes an awareness of one’s self to reach an inner connection to what one considers their spiritual truth.

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